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This is a Swap Blog where anything goes...We welcome crocheters, knitters, stitchers, all crafters. We will swap books, yarn, pen pal letters, post cards, or anything we desire! So come on in and grab that cup of tea or java and sit a spell and sign up, you'll regret it if you don't!!! It's fun! It's simple! And it's Swap madness!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Leslie's Wish List:

My favorite colorsgreen, any color really, except orange
My hobbies...- knitting, reading, scrapbooking, gardening
My kitchen theme and colors..- green, white & black, no theme
My bathroom theme and colors...- beige and light violet
My dislikes....whiny kids
My crafts..what I like....knitting, scrapbooking
My allergies...cats, ragweed
My favorite pets...none
My favorite scents...-Christmas (evergreen & cinnamon)
Other stuff about me...Hockeymom, 2 boys 10 & 7, work as preschool assistant. Started knitting last June. Love to make socks and purses (which is how I got started – MasonDixon Buttonhole bag)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Debb's Wish List

1. Are you a knitter or crocheter?? I do both but I am a better crocheter
2.I love to make.....purses, shawls, and decoration type projects
3.I really want to make......socks, but I need more practice and an easy pattern, I am terrible with DPN
4.My favorite yarns are.....Alpacca, cotton, I like Vanna White's new yarn, and CAron soft, I also like wool blends
5.My wish pattern is......Amiguirmui patterns
6.My favorite hooks or needles are.....wooden and circular,
7. I really wish I had.....interchangeable hooks
8.My favorite colors pink , burgundy and purple , off white
9.My hobbies...
gardening writing crochet reading
10.My kitchen theme and colors..
cows, horses,roosters green, tan,
11.My bathroom theme and colors...
fish blue burgundy
12.My dislikes....
cold weather, coffee..?
13.My crafts..what I like.... crochet, I like candles magnets, key chains, stickers, stationery, yarn, pens, Victorian pins
14.My allergies... don't like smoke
15.My favorite pets... cats and dogs
16.My favorite scents... hazelnut, cinnamon apple, vanilla, coconut

17. My Favorite Novels or Magazine's.......I love Debbie Macomber's Cedar Cove series, Jan Karon's new series, and Crochet World, Crochet Me, and Knitting magazines or Leisure Arts pattern booklets
18. My Amazon "Wish List"
19.Other stuff about me...
I am a busy person and always on the go. I love to travel and go to the beach to listen to the ocean. I love people garage sales and my friends and family. I like to pen pal, swapping, reading, and my groups. Christmas is one of my favorite seasons and I love to dress up on Halloween. :)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Our 1st Cozy Yarn Swap

Ok Ladies....here it is ....our 1st swap...

Its The Cozy Yarn Swap!!

It's pretty simple to do:

  1. email me your interest in this swap by March 9th, 2007 [follow the "How to" directions below]
  2. list your wish list on your blog, sample below [or let me know and I will post it here on the swap blog]
  3. you will get your partner on March 15th, 2007
  4. contact your partner by email [good communication is a "Happy" swapper]
  5. buy 2 skeins of yarn [no ACRYLIC, something of yarn store quality]
  6. add anything else you want [note pads, book, pattern, notions, soap, candle, ect] get creative... make your package pretty
  7. be sure to include a note to your swap partner
  8. mail out your package by March 25th
  9. be sure to list your "Raves" [thank-you]and a photo of your received package on your blog or Website
That's it...sweet and simple..... Have fun and sign up now!!!!
Any ???????????????? email me Calcrochetnut@msn.com


Sample "Wish" list...

  1. My favorite colors
  2. My hobbies...
  3. My kitchen theme and colors..
  4. My bathroom theme and colors...
  5. My dislikes....
  6. My crafts..what I like....
  7. My allergies...
  8. My favorite pets...
  9. My favorite scents...
  10. Other stuff about me...

How to Sign Up for Any Swap on this Blog????

How To Sign Up for Any Swap!
I've been dabbling with the idea of setting up my own swap blog and finally got around to doing it. I hope that everyone has fun and comes back over and over again for more swapping.

.....So.....here's the scoop!
To join any swap, just email me a message at calcrochetnut@msn.com put your name, mailing address (guarentee to use for swapping only), email address, and your blog url (if you have one) . Then add a line or two about yourself....like is this your first swap, do you knit,crochet, or do another craft, maybe you love to read, pen pal, or like me do it all....tell me anything you want. Then copy and paste the short questions on this blog to your blog, so your partner will learn a little about you...if you don't have a blog I can post a little about you on here on the swap blog, just let me know in your email. Once you are accepted for the swap I will list your name in the right column and link your blog to your name. So join other swappers and sign up today to join in on the fun!!!!!!

So drop everything your doing and email me now to get started!!!

#1 March/2007 Yarn Swap