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Friday, September 28, 2007

Got my prize for June Tote Kit

Thank you so much Debb for all the prize goodies from the June Tote Kit! Lots of surprises in the mail this week :) I posted to my blog about it for all those who would like to see.
Big Thank you's to Nicola for nominating me!!

Also wanted to say these Halloween swaps are looking good too! :) I will see you all in the December Swap!

ha-za! gots me my halloween swap package!

Laurie has absolutely spoiled me with her swap package! I can honestly say that not only has she outdone herself, but this is probably one of the best swap packages I've ever gotten!

Halloween is my absolute favourite holiday, so I'm very eager to get these crafts made up for this year! As you can see there are two (yes, two!) Halloween knit things to make up, a halloween themed mug, Peanuts gang themed Pumpkin Hot chocolate, a pumkin candle, some dpn's, and halloween stamps! Yay!

Halloween Package received

I received my package from Mary today.I love everything she sent,a pattern for a Halloween Bag with a ghost on the front, with the yarn I need to make it,a pattern for a tote bag,which I love making totes and use them all the time,a journal,yarn bobbins,a lint roller,a tube of white tea body lotion,a bottle of body scrub raspberry/peach scented,a classic linen scented candle,a bag of french vanilla coffee,a beautiful black and silver pin,which will go perfect with my black jacket I wear for work everyday,and a very cute witch and a ceramic harvest basket with vegetables.Thank you,Thank you so much Mary A.you have truly spoiled me.I will post a picture later today on my blog if anyone wants to see all my goodies.http://journals.aol.com/jbernardoffice/JudysCrafts

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Package Recieved

I got the nicest package from my September swap partner in todays mail. I recieved from Joelle, two large skeins of yarn, enough for a sweater. The pattern, and the needles to make it with. I got a wonderful smelling huge candle with three wicks. And treats and toys for my furbabies. A big thank you to Joelle for sending such a nice package. And my camera has been being finicky lately so I won't be able to take a picture. I think it's time for a new camera. Just know that all is lovely.
Mary A

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Dorothy's October Swap Wish List

What a great welcome! I'm very excited about this hat/scarf swap!

  • My favorite colors are pink, purple, blue, and red. Not necessarily all together at once though.
  • My hobbies include knitting (of course!), reading, Soduku puzzles
  • My kitchen theme and colors....I don't really have a theme. But the curtains are blue and white.
  • My bathroom theme and colors...again, no real theme. However, the color is purple
  • My dislikes....as related to knitting? There aren't really any. I'm afraid of turtles, and I dislike when people create a lot of drama where there isn't any
  • My crafts..what I like...I knit, I like to cross stitch, but rarely do these days. I love to cook
  • My allergies...cats
  • My favorite pets...We own a fish. I pretty much ignore it. My little ones act like little puppies sometimes, and I love that!
  • My favorite scents...I love fall scents - pumpkin pie, apple spice, etc.
  • Other stuff about me...I love to look through knitting magazines, and books. I do some consulting work, but most of my time is spent being a mom and I feel really blessed about that!
  • Welcome new member Dorothy

    Welcome Dorothy!!!

    Saturday, September 22, 2007

    Next 3 Month's Theme's and Sign Ups

    I have posted the next 3 month's themes for everyone to look over and decide if they want to sign up for them. Since, it is a busy holiday season I am changing the sign up process and partner assignments a little different. Please indicate in the comments section which months you want to be signed up for and I will add you to the group. I will also be posting partners at the beginning of the month [no later than the 3rd] instead of later in the month, so that packages can be mailed out earlier.

    This gives everyone time to enjoy their packages before the holidays. I added in the items to send in November and December that we add a note about our own "holiday" traditions to share with our partners. I thought that it might be fun to share what we all do during those festive times of the year. And those who do not celebrate can share what they normally do, too. If any of you have any questions just email or post your comments.

    And remember to post those pictures so that you can be in the contest to win an extra little something. Happy Swapping !!!!

    A Note on Monthly Winners

    To my "tardiness" I must apologize for not announcing and mailing out the June Tote Bag Kit Swap package contest winner and prize. So I am officially announcing it now...it was a tie and so I pulled a name out of the hat. 1st runner up is Judith and she will receive a small token and the winner is ....

    Mary Blume...Hip Hip Hip Hooray!!!!!
    And for this month the last week is approaching so everyone should be getting those packages ready to mail this last week in Septemeber. Be sure to post your pictures and also let your partner know when you have mailed it out..

    Wednesday, September 12, 2007

    Partners are Assigned

    Here are your September Partners. You will get a separte email with your partners address. Rmember to check out your partners wish list for ideas and try and follow the theme as stated on the Septemeber theme page. All swaps are to be mailed by September 30th. Please contact your partner and let them know you are out there and also let them know when you mail their package so they can be on the look out for it. If you have any other questions and concerns just email me. Also if for some reason you cannot send out your package please notify me immediately so that an angel can be assigned.
    Happy swapping ladies!

    • Debb..... .....Cathy T
    • Cathy T...... Shawnee
    • Shawnee.... Laurie C
    • Laurie C .....Sabrina
    • Sabrina ......Joelle
    • Joelle .........Mary A
    • Mary A .......Judy B
    • Judy B ........Mikey
    • Mikey ........JoAnn
    • JoAnn .......Monique
    • Monique.... Shanda
    • Shanda .....Robin
    • Robin .......Charity
    • Charity..... Christine
    • Christine.... Debb

    Monday, September 10, 2007

    Shanda's Wish List Ü

    * My favorite colors: Jewel Tones, Pink & Purple
    * My hobbies: Knitting, Scrapbooking & Reading
    * My kitchen theme and colors: Yellow & Red; Sunflowers, Cows, Roosters
    * My bathroom theme and colors: Green & Blue; Garden Theme, Birdhouses, Dragonflies
    * My dislikes: Not many that apply to my crafts
    * My crafts..what I like: Knitting of course, all types of projects.
    * My allergies: None so far!
    * My favorite pets: B&W Cat- Sylvester
    * My favorite scents: Vanilla, Apple, Peach
    * Other stuff about me: I am married with 2 children still at home. My oldest moved out early in the summer. I love to knit the most, Scrapbook 2nd (when I started knitting again, scrapbooking was #1 LOL) I love to paint terracotta pots bright colors and paint flowers on them. Plant flowers from seeds and then transfer them into the garden. My 10 year old daughter Madison helps me with them! I love reality TV shows, Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and too many other to list :) hehehe! I love swaps to get to know ladies on the internet! I love dark chocolate, Butterfingers, Snickers, Almond M&M's YUMMO!! That is about it!! Ready to SWAP!! WOOHOO!! Shanda

    Friday, September 7, 2007

    Shawnee's Wish List

    I grabbed my old list and am updating it! I love swaps, and spoiling someone else.

    So here's Shawnee's wish list:
    My favorite colors: Red and other bright colors, along with white and black
    My hobbies: addicted to crochet, but also read like crazy and cook; oh yeah, shopping!
    My kitchen theme and colors: We're now in a farm house with pink striped Victorian wallpaper in the kitchen.... so romantic decorating, pink and white vintage linens appreciated.
    My bathroom theme and colors: I want to make the new bathroom crisp and clean white, in a country sort of way
    My dislikes: Rude people
    My crafts..what I like: Want to learn entrelac, tapestry crochet, crocheting with wire and beads. I love the feel of different yarns, bamboo, soy yarns. Felting has been so much fun, I am now in love with wool. I love surprises and being surprised.
    My allergies: none
    My favorite pets: We have a white American Eskimo dog, Ringo; our black kitty, Marvin, disappeared a month after we moved out to the country (afraid the coyotes got him, sniff); but we have a new orange tabby named Ollie who is a crazy cat that stays indoors at night.
    My favorite scents: clean scents, apple, melon, VS lovespell; most perfume smells horrid on me but I appreciate the smells on others
    Other stuff about me...Married 22 yrs, 4 kids/1 still at home, conservative Christian, just started a new diet so no candy please but lots of encouragement to stick with it appreciated!! LOL!

    Robin's wish list

    I swiped the list & am editing it....

    My favorite colors:
    I tend to lean towards yellows, blues, purples
    My hobbies: crocheting, watching tv (I admit it), gardening, embroidery, cooking/baking (not in that exact order;))
    My kitchen theme & colors: ahh, gee, yellow, white & blue. Cats & flowers.
    My bathroom theme & colors:currently, flowers, white & blue. When October hits, it will go back to blue & celestial (stars, moon)
    My dislikes: okra, itchy/scratchy yarn and huge cockroaches
    My crafts..what I like: crocheting & embroidery, with a little rubber stamping tossed in
    My allergies: adhesive tape (not that has anything to do with yarn)
    My favorite pets: I have 2 spoiled cats and 1 angora bunnie (no, I have never spun yarn from him and doubt I ever will). I like most animals with the exception of hamsters and the Doberman that lives down the strett - just that particular Doberman, no other Dobermans....
    My favorite scents: rain, daffodils, bread baking
    Other stuff about me: I don't really watch that much tv - "South Park", Mond of Mencia" and "Jeopardy" about does it for me. Of course, I do watch "Martha's Sewing Room" as well as the "Knit and Crochet Today" on PBS. I'm a newspaper junkie, I love to read the Sunday newspapers - from anywhere (provided it's in English. I can read some German, but forget almost anything else). I have a ton of crochet hooks as well as a ton of knitting needles. I do knit but crocheting is really the needlework I prefer. (I've only knitted 1 scarf since I was about 15. I'd say I have crocheted 15 scarves this year).

    Thursday, September 6, 2007

    Charity's Wishlist

    I hope I did this right : )
    Its also on my Blog this however is the tame non blabber version

    My favorite colors rockstar pink and red always !
    My hobbies I thrift and vintage shop - love all things old and retro. I am enjoying fiber arts and would love to have a spinning wheel one day.
    My kitchen theme and colors My kitchen is white - white - white.
    My bathroom theme and colors Very tropical - hybiscus. Pink purple and black
    My dislikes er.. lol uhm scratchy anything - I like soft
    My crafts.. I love crochet - sewing - making clothes - beading and spindle spinning.
    My allergies mushrooms- clams/oysters - bee stings
    My favorite pets Wolfe my black lab Chip the infamous BostonTERROR and all 7 of my cats!My favorite scents… Patchouli - Vanilla - Cinnamon
    Other stuff about me… I am the worst about trying to say something interesting about myself. I love Halloween, its our favorite holiday. I am a candy corn addict. Even have CandyCorn soda still in my desk from last year. Yes its real! Orange yellow white and black are the most incredible color combos ever invented.. heeh

    Tuesday, September 4, 2007

    Prayer's to Priscilla and Her Family

    I am sad to say that Priscilla has had a tragedy in her family and has lost her youngest son in an auto accident. Please keep her in your thoughts and send prayers her way. God Bless Priscilla, and our prayers are with you and your family.

    Sunday, September 2, 2007

    Sabrina's Wish List

    I'm not sure exactly what to post, but I'll follow in Christine's footsteps... on my blog, if it helps, I've got an amazon wish list in the margin....

    My favorite colors: I tend to lean towards greens, blues, purples - but I like any colour outside of pastels, white,& black, unless it's part of a variegation.
    My hobbies: reading, watching dvds, knitting crocheting
    My kitchen theme & colors: I just renovated my kitchen, but haven't yet painted the walls! But what's there is cherry cabinetry, shades-of-brown floor tiles, and mossy greens-and-browns counter - so lots of earth tones
    My bathroom theme & colors: also going to be renovated - they're too white. No colour ideas yet though
    My dislikes: scratchy yarn, mohair, talk shows
    My crafts..what I like: knitting and crocheting pretty much anything
    My allergies: aspirin - not that it has anything to do with knitting, unless you send me aspirin-coated yarn
    My favorite pets: I love all pets but I currently have a cat - fortunately she doesn't shed too much. My favourite animals are sheep & lizards.
    My favorite scents: lemongrass, gingerbread, apple pie, vanilla, patchouli
    Other stuff about me: I've just recently fallen in love with making cotton dishcloths. As far as knitting/crocheting errata, I like anything kitchy & 'designer' about the craft, such as decorated needles & hooks as well as the light-up needles & whatever other trinkets that make my fiber arts more fun to make; knitting/crochet magazines. As far as anything pop-culture-esque, I'm addicted to all 3 CSI shows, esp. the original one, all three Law & Order's, & LOST; Alfred Hitchcock movies, the original Twilight Zone, & Cillian Murphy.

    Christine's Crochet Wish list

    My favorite colors: Blues, grey, light pink, lavendar, most greens.
    My hobbies: Crocheting, Knitting, Reading, Movies, Music, Being on the computer.
    My kitchen theme and colors: I live with my mom, and her colors are dark blue and burgundy.
    My bathroom theme and colors: Mostly white with a touch of grey and blue.
    My dislikes: Plastic knitting needles, and crochet hooks.
    My crafts..what I like: Crocheting and knitting.
    My allergies: none
    My favorite pets: We don't have any pets at present, but I do love dogs.
    My favorite scents: Don't really have a favourite scent.
    Other stuff about me: I enjoy making blankets, stuffed toys, kitchen items, an mitts, scarves, etc. I love to use Bernat yarns, especially handicrafter cotton, and sport weight yarns. I love using Susan Bates colored hooks and needles (the aluminum ones). I also love toread a good mystery or see a good action movie.

    Saturday, September 1, 2007

    New Member Charity Welcome

    Let's give a big hug Welcome to Charity our newest swapper!!!