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Friday, February 29, 2008

Woohoo, Joann!!!

I received my February swap package from Joann P. today, and oh, I just can't thank her enough! The whole package was truly so thoughtfully and wonderfully put together!
I love, love, love everything! This is what Joann sent:
5 skeins of Lily Sugar N' Cream yarn in beautiful pink shades (did I mention that pink is my absolute favorite color?!).
A pair of pink knitting needles and two crochet hooks.
A beautiful hand knitted dishcloth.
Two packets of pink (!) hot chocolate, (which I so need to buy more of to send to my best friend in Texas, who is also crazy about pink, and whose birthday is coming up next month).
A bag of dark chocolate raspberry Hershey's Kisses, which is great, because besides loving dark chocolate, I also happen to love raspberry with chocolate (how did Joann know?!).
A great crochet book, "Hooked on Crochet" and two crochet pattern books, including one with pansy kitchen items to crochet, which is fantastic, because pansies are my all-time favorite flower!
Two patterns for cute heart crochet "fridgie" magnets.
A bag of light-up mini rubber ducks (to match my rubber duck themed bathroom!) that my kids have already claimed, and an adorable rubber duck soap.
A pack of notecards with my name printed on them!
Whew, I think that's everything! I had a bad week, and this package came at just the right time to cheer me up! Thank you SO much Joann!

The Goodie Box is Coming

Cathy T. . . just wanted to let you know your box goes out Monday. I couldn't get to the post today. :-( Sad I know. . . but it's gonna be good so. . . keep on the look out. Hopefully it won't take too long to get there.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thank you LeslieJ!!

My package arrived today from the ever-fabulous LeslieJ (who stole my knitting mojo last month! She has since returned it!)----I got a great sock pattern (I'm getting back to socks) & some beautiful Lorna's Laces sock yarn, yummies, 2 kitchen towels, a heart charm, door knob hanger that says I love you (on top of the pot holder), 2 of the pretties smelling candles in heart shaped holders & a little bag for the wee one complete w/ a book, stickers & yummies!
Thank you LeslieJ---it's a wonderful package & don't think I didn't notice the sock yarn was red for the RED SOX!!!!!!
This is my last swap until fall as DH is coming home from the Gulf in the next couple months (we're almost 12 mos in to the deployment) so I hope to see you all in the fall!


I have a small contest running over on my DaBookLady Book Swap Blog. If anyone is interested, no one has commented to answer the simple questions and time runs out tomorrow at 12:01am. So hop on over there and make a comment, you could be the next winner....

Penny on the way and group notes ~

It was a blast getting you this - youll understand when you see it :)
I hope its just what the love doctor ordered !!!

To my other blog pals friends sendees and Deb - sorry I havent posted all these last two weeks. Been back and forth to Utah for work stuff and training the newest *baby* in the house.

Deb- I got the kitchen GOODIES OMG !! HOW FUN!!

Love to you all stay warm!

I received my package from Kristie!

It was here when I got home and it just blew me away! You outdid yourself, Kristie. How did you know caramel apples with nuts were one of my all time favorite things? I love it all!! The stuff is great! You can see all the details in the pics. And I loved the story of your best Valentine's Day ever! How cool and what a story it was! I wish I could have had my daughter that way! Mine was born on Labor Day! LOL!! Thank you so much, Kristie! You made my day!


Marylyn M

I just wanted to let Marylyn that her package will go out with tomorrow's post. Hope it doesn't take to long to get to you.

Jennifer W.

JoAnn--your package is on it's way!

I hope you enjoy it---I had fun putting together things for you!!


Laura O - Package on the way!

Laura - 
Your package left CT yesterday (WED) afternoon.  Went priority mail so you should have it in 2-3 days!  Enjoy!!

Package on it's way to Beth R.

Beth R.

Your package was sent out yesterday.


Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Welcome to Our New Swapper

Welcome Jo K our newest swapper friend!!!

News from the UK

The big news is I have realised why I wasn't able to post so now I can. The bigger news is that I have received my January package at last! It took the scenic route but made it safe and well at last...picture to follow. also I have sent out my February parcel. Of course it is a long way for it to come but be assured it is on it's way!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Thank you, Cathy T!

I'm sorry for posting so late, work has been a bit of a bear of late :(
This is the goodies that Cathy Thomas sent to me and you can tell the picture was taken soon after it came into the house, the goodies are still there;) I got a little bird windchime, some coffee, 4 beautiful light pink & darker pink hearts, some wonderfully soft Red Heart cotton, a pattern for a heart book marker, a pink rose doily/coaster, the bear Valentine's day card, some candles, and a cool red bag I had been thinking about buying at Target. It made my day.
Thank you so much, Cathy.

Thank you Jennifer Wallace!!

Jennifer is a true angel :) She sent me a package with the Dec swap theme! I love the scarf you sent with all of the patterns, yarn, notepads, postcards and a personal note! You ROCK!! Thanks again for sending me this awesome package!!


Monday, February 25, 2008

package on its way

nancy. your package left the pocono mountains this morning.

Swap Received From Laura O.

Isn't this great? I haven't decided which dishcloth pattern to make yet, but I will

us the valetine bag to put my project in! I love everthing, Laura, thank you so


Head's up to LaurieC

Your package is on the way!!!

Sunday, February 24, 2008


i finally figured out how to do this swapping!!!i hope.
i got a wonderful swap from prissilla for jan. and thank her
i am hoping to see more of everyones pics.all of you do very
good work.beth r.

Contest Winner for January

Hip Hip Hooray!!!! Lets Congratulate


for winning the January swap photo contest!!!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Nicole H Your Package Is On It's Way

Be on the look out Nicole!!!!! I shipped your package out this morning, I hope you enjoy it!


Thursday, February 21, 2008


PhotobucketOkay...I think this is getting straightened out here...

So Cathy Ham [Cathy CH] and Cathy H and Renee be sure you have the right partners addresses....

Cathy Ham sends to Charity
and receives from Kristin....

Cathy H sends to Kristie W
and receives from Renee

Because these two names are so close there has been some confusion...

All Swappers Please Read!!

PhotobucketPlease look at the Feb partner line up again!!!! Some of you are confused as to who you send to and who sends to you.


So if you get an email from someone as your swap partner they may be your "upstream" partner and not your "downstream" partner!!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Sarah A's Wish List for all to see

Are you a knitter or crocheter? Primarily a knitter, though I crochet, as well.

I love to make..... soft, colorful, useful things.

I really want to make...... a luxurious blanket, with environmentally friendly fiber.

My favorite yarns are..... soft and natural, especially ones I've spun myself. Or colorful. Or novelty (assuming I have an idea for how to use it.)

My wish pattern is...... Something with an interesting texture, but not so complicated I can't knit it during a movie. Something useful and beautiful. Something I can show off.

My favorite hooks or needles are..... I love Lantern Moon needles, but I also like shorter needles so I can knit in class without disturbing my neighbors. Rosewood > birch > bamboo > metal >>> plastic (yuck).

I really wish I had..... a more extensive collection of circular knitting needles. I never seem to have the right size/length. Also stitch markers.

My favorite colors are... anything that doesn't look like puke. Bright colors are fun. Earch tones are profound. Pale colors can be nice, too.

My hobbies... knitting, spinning, crocheting, cross stitch, embroidery. Occasional sketching. Music.

My kitchen theme and colors.. I just recently moved into graduate student housing apartment, so the kitchen isn't particularly inspiring. The cabinets are a dark brown. Walls are white. Floor is kind of beige tile.

My bathroom theme and colors... Same problem as above. The floor is tiled in pale blue/green/grey. Everything else is white. Blah.

My dislikes.... Scratchy yarn. Inaccurate sizing. Blocking. Waste.

My crafts..what I like.... knitting, spinning, crocheting, cross stitch, embroidery, small quilts.

My allergies... sulfa drugs and ceclor. :P

My favorite pets... cats, all the way.

My favorite scents... Vary by season. In winter, I like warm scents: cinnamon, nutmeg, pomander type stuff. Lilac is nice. Coconut. Vanilla. Orchid.

My favorite novels or magazines... Terry Pratchet is my hero. I also enjoy Stephen King and Harry Potter. Decorating and crafting magazines are fun. And I occasionally indulge in an issue of Cosmopolitan.

Other stuff about me... I'm a first-year graduate student pursuing my PhD in neuroscience. I have a BA in neuroscience and a BMus in organ performance. Originally I'm from Connecticut.

Sophie S Wishlist

Are you a knitter or crocheter?? Crocheter
I love to make.....Hats
I really want to make......Gloves
My favorite yarns are.....Brown Sheeps Lambs Pride
My wish pattern is......A funky lace that is modern
My favorite hooks or needles are.....size 5 I just like that size
I really wish I had.....a ball roller
My favorite colors are...blue and purple
My hobbies...are playing cello and dancing
My kitchen theme and colors..white and no real theme
My bathroom theme and colors...blue and yellow; ducks
My dislikes....clocks that don't work
My crafts..are anything I can create what I like.... is stuff that has a new take on something older
My allergies...are nonexistant
My favorite pets...are alpaca's (or would be)
My favorite scents...are lemon and mint
My favorite novels or magazines...are Absolutely True Diary of A Part-time Indain by Sherman Alexy
Other stuff about me...I like to hike and kayak


JOANN I am posting here because I am not hearing from you, did you get my email that says Jessica is not in th eFeb swap and your partner was changed to Laura O????

What is wrong with your email?????

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Welcome New Swappers

Welcome Two more swappers

Rima and Carrie and Sophia
A little about Rima she indulges in knitting, crocheting, needlework, embroidery, and just learning to sew!
A little about Sophie S " She crochets and sews clothing. She is in the middle school and enjoys to play the cello. She has a punk style and likes to receive packages in the mail."
A little about Carrie, "She is 20,married, has 1 cat and loves to crochet, and goes to college and likes to design and post patterns on her site."

Monday, February 18, 2008

Attention Swappers


If anyone does not have their swap partners address please let me or your co-hostess know. If you are not sure who your co-hostess is then email me...but all swappers should have received emails from their co-hostesses letting them know that they are under them, if not then email me...

Sale on needles and yarn

If anyone is interested there is a sale over on PBD for used needles and yarn for $1 each under the Craft Selling Page http://host189.ipowerweb.com:8080/builderapp/pointbre/page10.html

Welcome Lisa New Swapper Hayley

Welcome to Hayley another new swapper!!!!

Feburary Swap Package !!!

This is my first swap and all I can say is WOW!!!! Thank you so much Debb, what a wonderful package, I feel so spoiled!


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Join Some Other Great Swaps

Photobucket Do you like Cats? Then Meow your way right over to "Swap n' Tails" for a terrific swap with others who love cats!!

Photobucket Do you like to read and get new books then join up over at DaBookLadys Swap to have fun swapping with other book lovers!!!

Thank you!!! Jessica For Your Donations

Thank you Jessica for donating yarn for our contest prizes!!!!!!

Cathy T Wish List

Cathy T "Wish List"

Are you a knitter or crocheter?? I crochet
I love to make..... baby blankets, afghans, dishcloths, and coasters
I really want to make...... a sweater
My favorite yarns are..... bernats and redhearts
My favorite hooks or needles are..... Boye
My favorite colors are... all
My hobbies... crochet and reading
My kitchen theme and colors.. biege, dk green
My bathroom theme and colors... no theme, dk and light blue, white
My dislikes.... don't really have any
My crafts..what I like.... crochet
My allergies... none
My favorite pets... catsMy favorite scents... vanilla, lilac, cinnamon
My favorite novels or magazines... harlequin and silhouette romance's
Other stuff about me... i seem to like to collect tote bags of all sizes

Beth R's Wish List

Beth R's Wish List
are you a knitter/crocheter
i am a crocheter
i love to make
i love to crochet caps
i really want to make
a afghan i will keep
my favorite yarns are
red heart
my wish pattern is
a plus size sweater crocheted
my favorite hooks are
susan bates
i really wish i had
more time for crocheting
my colors are
purple,rose and anything to
go with them
my hobbies
crocheting and reading
my kitchen theme
am painting it light tan and light to dark green
my bathroom is yellows
my dislikes
people who don't really help others
my pet
is rosie,a very small dog(spoiled rotten)
my favorite scents is
vanillia and earthscents
books i read are
thomas kincade (any good reading)
other thinga about me:
i try to make enough caps for a favorite school each year
i am working on a afghan(my own design)

My January Swap Package from Sarah

Here is the great stuff I got from Sarah! Thanks so much!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Update for LeslieJ

Are you a knitter or crocheter?
I love to make.....
smaller projects (socks, scarves, mitts)
I really want to make......
something for myself
My favorite yarns are.....
Malabrigo, Lorna's Laces, Cherry Tree Hill
I don't use novelty yarns
My wish pattern is......
My favorite hooks or needles are.....
bamboo dpn needles and addi circulars for knitting (or Knit Picks)
I really wish I had.....
more free time to knit
My favorite colors are...
Green, Hot Pink, sometimes Orange as an accent
My hobbies...
knitting, reading, watching hockey
My kitchen theme and colors..
kitchen has wood floors and cabinets (light oak with green countertop)
My bathroom theme and colors...
no theme's, downstairs is light green (ha) upstairs is light purple
My dislikes....
whiny kids and itchy yarn
My crafts..
knitting and scrapbooking
what I like....
knitting, reading, scrapbooking, hockey
My allergies...
My favorite pets...
My favorite scents...
My favorite novels or magazines...
Mists of Avalon
Other stuff about me...
I have 2 boys, ages 8 & 10, I work as an Asst. at a preschool 3 days a week and in the lunchroom at my kids' school the other 2 days. We are at the hockey rink Wed Fri Sat and twice on Sunday, with games possible on the other days. I have been knitting for 3 years.

Cathy H's wish list

posted my wish list on my blog @

about a year agoin time for the March '07 swap
i posted my wish list here
now i probably need to post a NEW one
are you a knitter or crocheter? Knitter
I love to make .. hats, mittens, gloves, sarves, sox, dishcloths & felted bags
i really want to make ..
my favorite yarns are .. natural fibers
my wish pattern is ..
my favorite hooks or needles are .. circs
i really wish i had ..
my favorite colors are .. blue & green, purple, magenta, hot pink & cobalt blue
my hobbies .. knitting & reading & walking (treadmill if it has to be indoors)
my kitchen theme & colors ..
my bathroom theme & colors ..
my dislikes .. acrylic, shoveling snow
my crafts .. what i like .. knitting (it's portable)
my allergies .. HOUSEWORK, mild allergy to peanuts
my favorite pets ..
my favorite scents .. pumpkin pie & autumnal
my favorite novels or magazines .. Janet Evanovich, Mary Higgins Clark, Patricia Cornwall, Carol Higgins Clark, Sue Grafton
other stuff about me .. life shouldn't be about drama ..
when i turned "50" i decided to take life more slowly,
appreciate what it is

Friday, February 15, 2008

Partners are Assigned for Feb

Hello ladies,
know that there has been quite a bit of confision this month with the new co-hostesses and the posting of partners.

The 2nd posting of partners was from the co-hostess Joann and her matches...I have added them to the original partner post... so if your name isn't there it should be on the 1st listing, if not then you need to contact me...

Joann seems to be having trouble with receiving her emails from me so I will try and get addresses out now

Sorry about that...

Hayley's Wish List

Hayley's Wish List...

Are you a knitter or crocheter??
Crocheter & self taught to boot! I can knit... I just taught myself how too...
I love to make.....Pretty much anything. I love working on scarves and I am currently venturing into making a babette blanket. I have made hats and bags too.
I really want to make......A boteh scarf, slipper sock/socks and a bobble (puff stitch purse). Also I would love to make a felted item – what I am unsure.
My favorite yarns are.....
Soft, Chunky, Colourful. I love the bamboo yarns and the yarns that are different thickness throughout.
My wish pattern is......
Boteh Scarf Pattern – Interweave Crochet Spring 2007
My favorite hooks or needles are.....
Metal needles... no specific kind. I like the coloured ones which are heavier. I find the plastic hooks to light and harder to use. I would love to find a great wood or bamboo hook – I have seen them on the web.
I really wish I had.....
My favorite colors are...
Earthy tones – Browns (all shades: dark chocolate to light brown or tan), Greens (funky neons to the deepest greens), gold, copper. Other favs: pinks, purples and blue.
My hobbies...
Crochet, Read, Cooking (want to study to be a Chef) – Food TV is my life, Blog, play field hockey, and snowboard.
My kitchen theme and colors...
I live in a rental – so currently the kitchen is White. But my dream kitchen would be Cranberry Red with quartz countertops, and cream cabinets and hardwood floors. *deep reds and creams or topes.
My bathroom theme and colors...
Leopard Print and once again with the earthy tones.
My dislikes....
Hmm... Acrylic yarns that are scratchy! People who litter, and who don't clean up after their dogs while on walks.
My crafts..what I like....
My allergies...
My favorite pets...My Scottie – Dexter (8mo) & My Himalayan Pearl (6 yrs) - But I love the Blue Footed Boobie Bird.
My favorite scents...
Vanilla, Gardena, and Lilly's
My favorite novels or magazines...
Mags - Martha Stewart Living, Interweave Crochet, Every Day Food, Food & Drink, Women's Health and Real Simple
Novels - I have too many favourites
Other stuff about me...
I graduate from University this year. I am currently taking a Geography degree with a focus on Environmental Science. I have applied and been accepted to Cooking school, for Culinary Management. I have two pets, Pearl (cat) and Dexter (my Scottie). I love learning new things. I have done a bit of travelling. I lived in the Caribbean for 1.5 years as well I lived in Alice Springs, Australia for 1 year. I love to cook and entertain.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Wish List Attention Cathy T and Beth R

Attention Cathy T and Beth R and the Whole Group:
Some of you have not posted a Wish List either here or on your own blog. If your partner does not have this list then your package cannot be personalized. Also it is a requirement of the swap to post your Wish List. If you are unfamiliar with how to post see the links in the right sidebar on th e"How to Join" page or send your lists to me.

If you do not see it posted within a few days be sure to remind me as I have several people's Wish Lists to post. Or if it is posted on your own blog YOU MUST send me the actual link to your Wish List. Telling me it is on your blog is not going to work as it takes way too much time to search your blog for the post!
This is very important, if you do not see your name on the Wish List please email me to let me know. We are a large group now and I may have missed posting your name...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Attention Swappers

Everyone please be sure that the partner's address you received was the same as the partner that was assigned to you on the blog....if not please email either me or your co-hostess to get it straight. This month we have co-hostesses so there may be a few "clitches" please be patient with us, we will get better at the new format....
There may be some confusion too because we had some swappers opt out and had to change partners....please advise your hostesses if your not sure....
Thank you.....

Welcome New Member Sarah A and Robin K

Welcome to new swapper

Sarah A and Robin K
A little about Sarah, "She is a first-year graduate student in Rochester's neuroscience graduate program,also a musician. This is her first swap. She is primarily a knitter, but she also can crochet, spin, embroider, and do cross-stitch. A true crafter. Likes handmade things!"
A little about Robin," Lives in WY, buuurrr, married to a wonderful man, a nurse by trade, learned to crochet from her grandma, tried to knit but is not for her, likes to sew too."

Marlena's Wish List

Marlena's Wish List

Are you a knitter or crocheter?? I barely knit and crochet well.
I love to make small items for instant gratification or very large blankets ;)
I really want to make Socks and Wristwarmers
My favorite yarns are natural fiber
My wish pattern is Large felted bags or amigorami in english
My favorite hooks or needles are various brands but in-line. I would like to try bamboo but haven't yet
I really wish I had more natural fiber yarn
My favorite colors are almost anything EXCEPT Baby Colors (pastels) or bright primary colors
My hobbies crochet, knitting, socializing, PC Gaming
My kitchen theme and colors Tuscan (cream, tan and brown, brick red (accent color), stainless)
My bathroom theme and colors Tuscan (cream, tan and brown, brick red (accent color), )My dislikes pastels and bright primary colors, acrylic, fun fur,
My crafts..what I like Socks, wristwarmers, rug hooking, rug braiding, Felting, Crazy Quilting
My allergies none
My favorite pets turtles (I have an African Desert Tortoise) dogs, cats
My favorite scents I hate rose scent and patchuli (hippie smell) but am starting to get used to it since moving to Vermont where there are lots of hippies :)
My favorite novels or magazines Decorating Magazines or Cosmo...History or True Story Thriller novels
Other stuff about me I am married and have 4 kids (16, 13, 12 & 2) I live in Vermont but am a Californian

January Swap Package from Sabrina

Thank you, Sabrina, for all the goodies. Lots of white acrylic yarn along with a cat bed pattern, some beautiful brown merino, LOTS of hot chocolate, some cute stitch markers, some cotton along with several more patterns and a cable knit scarf. Oh, and some cooling, menthol gel rub for sore hands for when I knit too much!

Monday, February 11, 2008

My January Swap Package Arrived!

THANK YOU, Sabrina! The package arrived in great shape on Saturday, all the way from Canada! I LOVE what you chose and am charging up my camera to post a picture. You were VERY generous and THANK YOU again for such a great package. Pictures and descriptions later today for all to see.

* Phyllis *

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cool Stuff I Got From Nancy

Thank you so much Nancy. I loved all the things you sent me. Here is a little slide show of my goodies.

Partners for Feb

Our co-hostess Joann is out of town till Tues. When she comes back she will be posting partners....

Saturday, February 9, 2008

How to Swap

Just want to make it clear that the swap is a "Round Robin" styl of swap. This means that you send to one person and another person sends to you...

Please see your partners...the name beside your name [on the right] is who you send to. Find your name on the right and the person to the left of your name is who sends to you.

I hope this clears up any confusion.



Friday, February 8, 2008

Marlena's Wish List

Marlena's Wish List

Are you a knitter or crocheter?? I barely knit and crochet well.I love to make small items for instant gratification or very large blankets ;)
I really want to make Socks and Wristwarmers
My favorite yarns are natural fiber
My wish pattern is Large felted bags or amigorami in english
My favorite hooks or needles are various brands but in-line.
I would like to try bamboo but haven't yet
I really wish I had more natural fiber yarnMy favorite colors are almost anything EXCEPT Baby Colors (pastels) or bright primary colorsMy hobbies crochet, knitting, socializing, PC Gaming
My kitchen theme and colors Tuscan (cream, tan and brown, brick red (accent color), stainless)
My bathroom theme and colors Tuscan (cream, tan and brown, brick red (accent color), )My dislikes pastels and bright primary colors, acrylic, fun fur,
My crafts..what I like Socks, wristwarmers, rug hooking, rug braiding, Felting, Crazy Quilting
My allergies none
My favorite pets turtles (I have an African Desert Tortoise) dogs, cats
My favorite scents I hate rose scent and patchuli (hippie smell) but am starting to get used to it since moving to Vermont where there are lots of hippies :)
My favorite novels or magazines Decorating Magazines or Cosmo...History or True Story Thriller novels
Other stuff about me I am married and have 4 kids (16, 13, 12 & 2) I live in Vermont but am a Californian

Dona Be on The Lookout

I mailed out your package today...Be on the look out for your Feb package.....

Crochetoholic Debb

another new swapper....

Partners are Assigned for Feb 2008

Hello Ladies,

First let me say that if your partner assignment says the wrong theme, I apologize I may have forgotten to change it you will swap the February "Valentine's" swap theme.

2nd if your name is not up yet, don't fret, you will get your partner soon. Some of you are under the co-hostesses and they are working hard to assing partners, so please give them a chance to get the partner emails out.

February = is Valentine's month, Trivia: 15% of U.S. women send themselves flowers on Valentine's Day.Some people used to believe that if a woman saw a robin flying overhead on Valentine's Day, it meant she would marry a sailor. If she saw a sparrow, she would marry a poor man and be very happy. If she saw a goldfinch, she would marry a millionaire. [Oh my where is that goldfinch, I think I'll see one!] LOL
You will send your partners:

  1. A pattern for 1 Valentine project, anything with heart's, or cupid, on it could be socks, decoration, pillow, hat, mittens, or anything related to Valentine's Day
  2. Enough yarn to do the project, red, pink, white, "Valentine" colors
  3. All the notions [almost all of us have hooks and needles, so unless it is something special and you think maybe your partner does not have it, you do not need to send one. If in doubt ask your partner, or if you want to get a fancy one add it. That makes a nice addition to your package. Be sure to check their Wish List]
  4. Something red or pink
  5. A Valentine's treat
  6. A Valentine's card or a romantic CD
  7. And a note about a favorite Valentine's Day that you have experienced, EX: you were proposed to, married on, or why you like that day

Make sure you include ALL of the items above!!

Partners so far are:

  • Dona……..Nicole H
  • Nicole H…..Cathy T
  • Cathy T…..Robin
  • Robin…..Sarah
  • Sarah…..Kristin G
  • Kristin G…….Cathy Ch
  • Cathy Ch…….…..Charity
  • Charity ……Penny T
  • Penny T ….Debb
  • Crochetoholic DebbDona
  • Renee C- Cathy H
  • Cathy H......Kristie w
  • Kristie W .....Nancy L
  • Nancy H....Beth R
  • Beth R....Dorothy
  • Dorothy....Mary A
  • Mary A.......Renee C

Sorry for delay - matches for my group in Feb swap
Sorry for my delay!

MARYLYN M. ....Sends to.....LESLIE J.
LESLIE J. ............................LAURIE C.
LAURIE C. .........................JOANN P.
JOANN P. ........................Laura O
LAURA O....................... JUDITH P.
JUDITH P. ........................PRISCILLA S.
PRISCILLA S....................... MONIQUE D.
MONIQUE D. ......................JENNIFER
JENNIFER ..........................MARYLYN M.

As soon as I get the other lists of partners I will add them here. Joann and Kristie W are the other co-hostesses...and they just the information from me so do give them a chance.

Happy Swapping!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008


have just recieved your second package. Thankyou sooo much you really spoiled me this month.
I got extra yarn, a calendar, more patterns and some lovely hot chocolate.
thanks again

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

January White swap

And an apology. I do apologize to Deb for not posting sooner. I have been kind of ill lately, had that terrible cold that was going around, it turned to flu, and I couldn't seem to shake it. But am posting now to thank Deb for the lovely package I recieved. Got lots of pretty white yarn to make a scarf, a pattern book to make it from. White scented bath florals, and a post card calender. Lotion, and some other goodies. I apologize for not taking photo's but still haven't been able to afford new camera so...
But I do thank you ever so much Deb, it was wonderful, and perked me up just when I needed it.

Dec Swap Kit Received!- Dawn T

Oh my gosh Dawn, Thank you so much!! My guess is that you are okay? My Dec Swap Kit package came last night and its just wonderful! Everything was so beautifully wrapped in silver foil paper. You'll see in the pic all the glare...lol
Thats how beautiful it looked and it felt like Christmas all over! After unwrapping these are all the goodies, Russell Stover Chocolates (yum), big ol candy cane stick (have to hide from one doggie as she was eyeing it), some yummy teas, vanilla bean soap and Glittery Gumdrop body wash from my favorite store! Plus a little silver gift box ornament which I chuckled over, as I almost picked it up myself during Christmas, but in my mind I heard my kids saying, "no buying yourself anything"..lol so that worked out, Thank you Dawn!!! Everything is so great and I love it all!!!
Heres the kit part that I can't wait to do! Crochet Today is one I don't get, but might have to after hearing and reading this one!!
and then this is the pattern Dawn had marked for me!

I can't wait to do these too, as my son's girlfriend and I were looking for things like this but couldn't find plain Christmas Balls...lol So now we have some new patterns for them.

Thank you ever so much Dawn T for such a wonderful swap package and I hope things for you go well! Have a great year!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Contest Winner!!

Hello Gals

Just to let everyone know Charity won 3rd place in the recipe guessing contest #2 !!!!

So I will be sending out your prize this week. Now everyone go check out the February contest links are up in the sidebar, so go on over and post your comments you could be the next winner!!!

Hip Hip Hooray to Charity!!!!

Feb Swap

Its almost time to assign partners so look at the sidebar list and make sure that you are there if you want to be in this month's swap.....

Also be sure you have sent me your full name and address and your Ravelry address...

Thank you

New Swapper


Penny T

to our swapping group!!

Friday, February 1, 2008

Swappers Alert

I will be assigning partners soon, but I want to tak e amoment to remind everyone that it is very important to understand how the swap works! The person that you send to is NOT the same person that sends to you. Be sure to note that and wait for your partner's address to be sent to you.

If you have any doubts who you send to look at the "assigning partners" post in the right side bar link. That will let you know who you send to if you are confused.

Also note that whenever you post you need to sign your name and also the 1st letter of your last name. We have several swappers now with the same name and we do not want to be confused.

I also need to receive an email from you when you send out your package or note it on the blog by posting that you are mailing the package.
I spend an enormous amount of time following up to make sure everyone receives a package and if you do not then an angel is always assigned. NO ONE will go without a package. It may be late but you will get one.
And give the package time to get there. Even though this is Feb some of you may have mailed just a few days ago so let your partner and me know that so they understand that one is coming!!!
Thank you

Nicole's Wish List

Hello everyone! I'm new to the blog and swap and I'm SUPER excited. I'm totally addicted to crochet and I'm trying to learn to knit. My family doesn't understand my love for either but I know you guys do, so that is really cool. Below is my wish list!

Are you a knitter or crocheter??: I crochet but I want to learn to knit.
I love to make..... Anything at all really. I'm not great at working in the round but I'll try any pattern or stitch once!
I really want to make...... A sweater
My favorite yarns are..... I'm not yarn picky. As long as it feels good and isn't too hard to work with I'll use it. But if I had to name a few I really enjoy: Lionbrand's Vanna's Choice and Caron Simply Soft. I don't have a local yarn shop so I'm a little limited in my choices.
My wish pattern is...... anything really! I want to learn to do cables for sure though.
My favorite hooks or needles are.... I love love love the Provo Crochet Hook Set F-K with Ergonomic Handles.
I really wish I had.....some lareger knitting needles. The ones I got to try to learn on are too small I think.
My favorite colors are...green for sure! Brown, anything natural, deep reds, teals, I love color really.
My hobbies...Crochet of course! And I love to read!
My kitchen theme and colors..Hmmmmm I don't really have one at the moment
My bathroom theme and colors...Spa like colors, blue brown, white, very calm
My dislikes....I'm not a big fur fan! But other then that.
My crafts..what I like....crochet, make cards, anything home decor
My allergies...none
My favorite pets...my dog Molly
My favorite scents...I like most things, nothing too flowery though
My favorite novels or magazines...I love love love Harry Potter and any kind of home decor or craft magazine. I like most books as well.

Ok well there is some insight into me! Nicole

Received my Package from Sarah

I recived my swap from Sarah and it was full of all kinds of goodies cotton thread love it ..cookies mmmmm...crunch crunch ...books, can't go wrong with books, a calendar..tea, paper pad, tissues, and coupons, and a wonderfull knitted purse I love it....never had one, I didnt get a pic of it but I will post one soon...Sarah thank you so much for making my first swap wonderfull ....