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Monday, April 28, 2008

Package send

Hi Marylyn,

I just want to let you know that your package is on it's way.

Friday, April 25, 2008

package on its way


your package is on its way to you and should be there shortly. i hope you enjoy.


Thursday, April 24, 2008

I will be mailing out on Saturday

Kristie W (Feb Swap Package) and Deborah S (April Swap Package) will be mailed out on Saturday. I hope that you enjoy everything.

Jennifer W

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Welcome Debbie New Swapper

Welcome to Debbie M our new swapping friend!!!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008


Your package will be mailed tomorrow - how you enjoy it


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Hello All Swappers


How is everyone doing this month? It has been a bit quiet???

Here is some new yarn I got with my local group on a field trip to yarn shops. I have never worked with this brand before but was told it was great. Has anyone used it?

Just to let you know if you want you can make the blog for the "Swappers" on your profile not even show up by going to your profile and editing "blogs that you see" Remember that even if it shows up only those in this swap group with permission from Crochetoholic can view the blog.

I am getting ready to mail out my package to

And Penny your angel will be mailing out your Feb package soon....

Also note that the contests are still running and there has not been anyone posting there????? Click on the sidebar links to go there....or on the links here....they're easy and fun to win a prize...

If you love to read be sure to sign up on DaBookLady's BABEs Swap and if you love Buttons go to that link for some fun swapping buttons.

PBDs homepage has been having difficulties with its host AGAIN....but will be back running smoothly shortly...with more items to gander at...new and "gently used"

Happy swapping Gals....

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

March Package Arrived From Robin A

Wow what a great package I recived it yesterday phone lines were down so I had no Internet Wow just luv the mug and yarn was great can't wait to try the pattern and wow what socks great idea my grandkids would love them too great stamp and great beaded St Patrick's Day handmade hat pin, love it all your such a great swap partner and hope to become great Internet friends.
Thanks so much Robin A it was like Christmas in April! lol Thanks, Jo K [aka Kay K]

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Thank You, Priscilla!

I received my March swap package from Priscilla (Summersgirl) a few days ago. I apologize for not posting a thank-you sooner - I've just been overwhelmed with some things in my personal life.
Here is what Priscilla sent:
Green embroidery floss and a steel crochet hook
A pattern for a frog hackey sack
A St. Patrick's Day mug
A notepad
Green socks (my favorite thing in the package!)
A hand towel (also my favorite!)
Some "Crafty Girl" mints (very cute!)
A pretty note card
I loved everything - thank you very much, Priscilla!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thanks, Beth! continued

Ah, success at last. Here's the package I got from Beth today, eloquently described below. Thanks again! I've already started making the frog.

Thanks, Beth!

My March Swap package arrived today! I'm such a happy chica! (I'm having trouble posting a picture, but I'll keep trying.) There's a cute pattern for a frog with some very soft cotton yarn, plus decorative mushrooms, buttons, and a hat for the frog. Also, there's a green egg with tart candies inside, and a shiny St. Patrick's day hanging decoration, a "bless this house" sign (very sweet), and a mystery novel that I can't wait to read! I like that it's a used book - it's fun even just to hold it. Thank you so much, Beth, for the wonderful swap package!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Welcome Adriane New Swapper

Welcome to Adriane our newest swapper

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rules and Information About the Swappers Page

I just wanted to say a word about the "Swappers" page. This page CANNOT be seen by anyone but our fellow swappers on Crochetoholic Swap. No other person can view this page. It is private by invitation only and if you stop swapping here your name will be taken off the page.

The blog page will show up on your profile, however if anyone clicks on it, it will not open. A warning will come up that says "this blog is by invitation only and you cannot view it" So this gives everyone the reassurance that your addresses are not just sitting out there for the Internet world to see.

Also this will be a much needed relief for everyone swapping here. Now you will have immediate access to your swappers address once the partners are listed on the "home" swap page, and there will be no more lost emails, or emails that go into your "junk" folders, making you have to search for it. All you will do is look on the post for your partner's name, click on the "Swappers" link in the right sidebar, and then find your partners name and address and its there. Plus if you should misplace the address you will always be able to find it easily and not have to search through your emails hoping you didn't send it to the "trash" bin.

If you still feel uncomfortable with this you could rent a PO box at the post office. It is cheap and easy to do. Its about $2.50 a month for a small one and then you can use it for all your swapping experiences. I know because I have one for my online store, and swapping.

And if all this still bothers you, then I can make an exception and still email your address to your partner, however it is much easier and much more quicker to do it this new way. But for my long time swappers I will make an exception. But I prefer to do it this new way, it really saves everyone a lot of time.

All new swappers will follow the new rules of listing their addresses on the swap page....

Thank you, and as always I try to make your swapping experience here a fun and easy one.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Alert Swappers

Everyone will get an invite email to a blog page that will be viewed only by our swappers. It is a closed blog page and will have a list of every swappers address for our monthly swaps. Starting in May you will get your partners name on a post here and then you will find their address on the "Swappers" page.

There will be a link to the page in right sidebar on this page. But, remember only those who have accepted the invitation and blog with us will be allowed to view the page. No one else will see or access this page.

So be sure to accept your invite and if you do not get a blogger google invite that email Crochetoholic.

Partners are Assigned for April

Ok gals,
Here's your partners, if your name is not on the list you need to contact Crochetoholic immediately, everyone was to comment on the April post if you wanted to be in this month's swap ....

Also we have no co-hosstesses this month,you should receive an email from Crochetoholic letting you know your partners addresses soon, please email Crochetoholic with your questions.

I want to thank all my co-hostesses for last month assignments.

Please follow the theme, contact your partner, post here when you send your packages, CC your Crochetoholic, and send those packages out by the end of the month.....

Remember that you can send any Spring item and make sure you enclose all the items listed below in your package.

You will send:

A pattern for 1 Spring project, EX: flowers, or pillow, or spring bag, Spring bonnet, or a decoration
  • Enough yarn to complete the project
  • All the notions required
  • A small Spring basket with chocolate, candy, and/or coffee, ice tea, or tea goodies in it
  • A spring knit or crochet magazine with patterns in it
  • 1 package of Spring colored beads, buttons, or some other kind of embellishment.
  • 2 washcloths to make a "washcloth" bunny or Lollipops or Roses
  • Here are the swappers:

    • Debb.......Nicole
    • Nicole........Beth
    • Beth.....Shanea
    • Shanea.....Jennifer
    • Jennifer......Deborah S
    • Deborah S......Robin B
    • Robin B.....Robin A
    • Robin A.....Marlena
    • Marlena.....Debb
    • Priscilla......Kristie W
    • Kristie W.....Monique
    • Monique....Marylyn
    • Marylyn....Priscilla
    Happy Swapping!!!!

    Sunday, April 6, 2008

    Sign up for April

    Okay gals....


    If you want to be in the swap YOU MUST sign up here under the comments and remember to put your name in the comments so I am sure to link the comment to you....
    April = is usually Easter month, Trivia: Each year witnesses the making of nearly 90 million chocolate bunnies. Easter always falls between March 22 and April 25. But Easter was last month so I am changing this theme to Spring.

    • You will send your partner:
    • A pattern for 1 Spring project, EX: flowers, or pillow, or spring bag, Spring bonnet, or a decoration
    • Enough yarn to complete the project
    • All the notions required
    • A small Spring basket with chocolate, candy, and/or coffee, ice tea, or tea goodies in it
    • A spring knit or crochet magazine with patterns in it
    • 1 package of Spring colored beads, buttons, or some other kind of embellishment.
    • 2 washcloths to make a "washcloth" bunny or Lollipops or Roses

    All packages need to be sent by the end of the month....

    If you do not comment here you will not be in the swap...

    Happy Swapping!!!

    Kay K

    I sent your second package out yesterday. I sent you the confirmation information. I hope the package makes it to you this time!


    question for Charity!

    Did you ever get the stuff I sent you?

    Friday, April 4, 2008

    Swappers Alert

    Please comment here if you:

    • *have not sent out your package and why???
    • *when your package will be mailed
    • *Have not received a package
    • *if your partner who you sent to has not emailed you back
    • *if your partner has not posted a picture or thank you for the package you sent here, or on their blog, or not emailed you a thank you
      * if you have not read the rules or do not understand them????

    Anyone who does not post a thank you, or photo on the blog, or their own blog, or send it to Crochetoholic to post, will not be in future swaps...

    Happy Birthday to Me!!!!!

    Happy Birthday to ME!!!!!

    Crochetoholic's Birthday today gals!!!!!!

    Wednesday, April 2, 2008

    Thank you Sarah!

    I received this great package today from Sarah for the March swap. Some really nice light green baby yarn, a stuffed elephant pattern with the stuffing, a cute mug with doggies on them, some neat beaded stitch markers (apparently a first for her!) some green tea and a lovely lace bookmark in light green, and a CD of Irish/English/Newfoundland music. I love it all! Thank you so much, Sarah!

    Question for Priscilla - March Swap


    I was just wondering if Priscilla (summersgirl) has mailed my March swap package yet. I was wondering because I haven't heard from her at all since partners were assigned (except for the email from her letting me know who my swap partner was). I was having problems with my email for the past couple of days, so if she emailed me in the past few days, I would not have received it.

    Thank you,

    Laura O.

    March Contest winner and Contest Winners

    Time to announce the winners of the March monthly photo contest....
    drum roll please....,,,,***####

    its.............................................................Jennifer.... TaDa

    and this month we have a special award prize that will go to Molly....Nicole's dog for her good spirit in wearing the March St Patrick's Day crown....lol.....Molly will be getting a little prize too....

    Remember ladies that photos here can win a a prize at anytime.....

    Also there is a winner for the Books in a Tub contest over on the Reading blog...it was Jayne D who is a swapper in the book swap. She guessed exactly the right amount of books that were in the tub, what are the chances? Anyone can play and every month there is a new contest. Check out the one on the Reading blog "Read it and Comment" and the extended one on the Recipe blog "All About Recipes".

    They are fun and easy gals....you could be the next winner....and keep those photos coming here for a chance to win in April.....starting in April I am going to use the Random Selector for choosing a winner.....all the packages are so great and it is an easier way to choose.
    You will be assigned a # as you post, in otherwords each photo will get a number, the person that belongs to that package [the sender] will be the # and then the numbers are entered into the selector and it tells me what number is the winner. It is selected randomly.

    So.... be sure and post your photos, and if your partner does not post a photo of the package you sent, you go ahead and post it, so be sure to take a pic before you send it out. That way you can be entered into the contest...

    Good luck!!!!

    march swap


    Thankyou so much you really out did your self on this swap. so many lovely things I t is hard to know where to begin

    I recieved a pattern, yarn, needles and stuffing to make a green snake. More lovely yarn in 4 different varieties. Chocolates galore a note paper book and small journal. A lovely green mug. Lots of irish poems and sayings, made me feel quite homesick. a beautiful tote bag to carry my projects in and some fun playing cards that my kids have had a lot of fun with.

    and much more too many to mention.

    thankyou again a very thoughtful package.


    Tuesday, April 1, 2008

    Beth R. I'ts on the Way!!

    Just letting you know to start looking after Wednesday for that package.
    Hope you like it as much as I did putting it together!

    Renee C.

    Wow! and Thank You Mary!

    I'm so sorry this is late being posted. I've been away. But I have to say thank you to Mary for the more than generous swap package. She really outdid herself. She sent me a pretty tote bag, (I love tote bags) three colors of cotton yarn and a dishcloth pattern book, 2 colors of KnitPicks Wool of the Andes, and 2 skeins of Cervinia sock yarn in the prettiest raspberry/pink/burgandy multicolor. Two new sock patterns, a felted bag pattern I can't wait to make, a pretty flowered notepad, a roll of polka dot ribbon, a hershey bar, and a knitting themed novel I haven't read with a nice leather bookmark that has LOVE embroidered on it. Thank You Mary! You have made this swap awesome!!