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Thursday, January 31, 2008

I got my Package from Charity !!!!!!

WOWOWY Charity, thank you...I got the bestest package...It was hard not to tear through it when I first opened it, but I was good and read the card 1st... :) then I ripped through it....Here's all the goodies, fansy dress-up buttons, 2 types of yarn, fingering yarn and wonderful vintage wool yarn I love it, yummy... and lots of patterns, one for mittens, fingerless and I love them, scarf and hat, then I got beautiful stitch markers, DPN, the cutest Live, Love, and Laugh bottles, my favorite teas, some tea muling spices that I absolutely love, pretty binder clips to hold all my patterns in, a knitting 4 dummies book, I needed that one, pens, and pretty silvery sticky notes, sweet tooth stuff, candy bars and MMs, a pretty white frame, a cookie dough smelling candle, another pattern for a wonderful sweater top, ice breakers,and silver stickers for scrapbooking too...WOWOWO....what a great box!!! Thank you sooooo much Charity...

package received

I can finally post that I received a package from the december swap from Dawn.It arrived earlier but then I wasn't at home. When I finally came home our neighbours where on vacation and the postman had left the package with them.............
But i just haver picked it up. Thank you Dawn!
I will post a photo soon as it allready is very late.


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Let's Learn a Little About our Swappers

What our new swappers have to say:

Nicole H : "I'm married with the cutest dog, Molly. No kids yet. My mom taught me to crochet. I love to craft."

Kristin G: "I am studying. I love reading, movies, writing and most knitting like stuff, like crochets and needlework."

Helen L: "I'm an avid knitter"

Renee C: "I love to knit, and quilt. When I knit my shoulders get sore then I quilt, lol. I do
love to read. I have five children, not all at home anymore, and I am a Surgical RN which I love."

Sarah: "This is my third swap. First one was the ITE 4 with Deb Brown, the second one with Bag-a-holic. I just love to knit. Since June 2007, I have knitted over 30 bags in different sizes. My favorite author is myself. I write poetry, fiction and I have a mystery. My hobbies are knitting, pen pals, taking digital photos, the historic old west, writing. I'm allergic to wool and perfumes. I read about eight magazines like Reminisce, Good Old Days, Creative Knitting.

Susan F: "I love to read when I have time. I crochet all I can after work. I also love to watch the birds out the front window."

Nancy H: " I am a swapaholic like so many others. I want to join in on the fun! I have been on several swaps, including Tote Exchange IV, Christmas Around the World, and swaps on swap-bot, but I am a relative newbie. Nevertheless, I am hooked"

Jennifer W: "This is my first swap. I crochet and loom knit. I am a 29 YO married working mom of 3 boys ages 10, 5, and 3, (4 if you count my husband). I love country cottage and vintage stuff"

Jessica N: "I have one cat . I can crochet in the beginning to intermediate level range, but don't know how to knit yet. I like making jewelry, collage/mixed media art, simple sewing and other types of crafts. I love to read and to travel. My favorite colors are aqua/turquoise and the combination of black and white. I'm currently redecorating my kitchen with a pink and toile theme (pink walls, toile linens and chairs) and will soon do the same to my living room with damask prints. I love things in any foreign language. I collect fun, cute Japanese toys, but I'm not too into Sanrio. I guess like any girl, I love bath products in anything but cucumber or chocolate scents, and I have a lot of soap now so I don't need much more of that. I love letterpress items like cards, calendars, etc."

Laura O: "This is my first swap. I love to crochet (can't knit)! I also like to paint and stencil wood items. I've only been crocheting since March, so I can't do anything beyond beginner/advanced beginner patterns yet, sigh! I also love to read - crochet books/magazines of course (!) and also non-fiction about urban/social issues. I love anything pink (all shades!) and cats. "

Lisa F: "I love to crochet and read and have pen pals...I'm married and have four boys..three which are grown and one who is ten.....I'm fixing to be a first time grandma to a girl Amelia "

If you want to share some "Intro" about your life with your swapper friends, go ahead and add a post. Or comment here......

Dona's Wish List and Intro

What Dona had to say
"I live in Oregon with my husband and son--oh and a boxer who thinks he's a lap dog. I'm a homeschooling mom, so I try to crochet during language arts, science, math, you get the idea. I am on Ravelry and my name refers to me because I'm always dragging at the least two bags, but usually four....my purse, my crocheting, my schoolwork, and food!!! If I'm doing a 4-H class. I have a few more.
I'm left handed so when my Grandmother *tried* to teach me to crochet I thought she was going senile at a young age. Years later my sister learned from her home economics teacher and taught me by sitting across from me, I haven't stopped since."
Here is my wish list:
Are you a knitter or crocheter??I'm a crocheter who would love to learn knitting.
I love to make.....wearables
I really want to make......a felted bag
My favorite yarns are.....I have to pick? I love all yarns!!!
My wish pattern is......Brachs Bag by Crochet Cupcake
My favorite hooks or needles are.....Boye
I really wish I had..... The Crochet Pattern-a-Day calendar
My favorite colors are...Purple, Silver and Black.
My hobbies...I Crochet, sew, garden, and read.
My kitchen theme and colors..Blue, Green and Brown---I know it sounds weird, but it's beautiful....promise.
My bathroom theme and colors...Silver, Ice blue, and white.
My dislikes....mean people!
My crafts..what I like....same and my hobbies
My allergies...Crowds and long lines.
My favorite pets...dogs
My favorite scents...Flowers
My favorite novels or magazines...any magazine about crocheting.
Other stuff about me...As much time as I spend on the computer I should have a blog, but I can't figure out how to make a pretty one. Pathetic I know!

Package Pics from Kristie

Again thank you so much for your super package. I wanted to post a picture for everyone to enjoy along with me.

The package arrived over the weekend but I wasnt there to get it that day. It was the first thing that greeted me and really made my day!

Inside were some awesome new needles.. Ok how cool is it that they are of course
Pink makes Charity really happy :)
So lets see what are some of these other goodies - A beautiful white candle for my end table in my living room. A sunny warm island calendar that has images of some places I have actually been and love to think about right now when its so darn cold! A pocket journal to start noting down all my WIPs and patterns!
Really pretty shell type beads that really remind me of the sea.. I think these are going to get strung on the hat as an embellishment their really pretty!
There is tea and treats from across the pond. The tea I have already torn into the treats I am waiting to share with Pixie after school. Its hard to resist them... LOL
There is beautiful boucle yarn - some super soft patterns that really fit my style. Stitchmarkers a little love letter from Kristie and lets what else.. goodies and more goodies !!!

Thanks, Jennifer!

Jennifer's swap package to me just came in the mail this morning! Thanks so much! There's some fantastic goodies - a pattern for cabled wrist warmers (I lurve making wrist warmers!) + some delicious flavoured coffee (can't have too much of that!) + a white scented candle + some white jasmine bathy things + a much needed address book and note book, and of course a bag of chocolate goodies! Thanks again!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Members

Welcome New Swappers

For all my Ravelry gals....please be sure to email me your regular email, full name and let me know your Ravelry address, it is very confusing to match you without it!!

And Welcome Back
Cathy T

Also ladies I have added a Ravelry list on the "Wish List" page so please post your Ravelry addresses or email them to me...And look to the right under Crochetoholic Swappers and be sure your name is there for the Feb swap coming up...

Two more days left for the contests, then a new one begins......be sure to take a stab and guess you never know you could win!!!!

Swapping Updates

Good Morning Gals,

Please look at the swappers list/links in the right sidebar.....all swappers listed will be in the February swap. If your name is not there you will not be included in the swap! If your name is there and you do not want to be in the swap, then email Crochetoholic.


Also read or reread the swap "directions and how to join" area. It is there that explains how and when partners are assigned. Reading this area will help you to understand how the swap works and answer a lot of your questions.

If you have any suggestions or further questions then email Crochetoholic.

This month we will be splitting up some of the group to be assigned under co-hosts. We have 2 people, Joann and Kristie W who have volunteered to help out. This means that they will be assigning partners to those folks under them and any questions and/or problems or emails to note when you send and receive your packages, will go directly to them. Those of you assigned to them will be getting an email shortly to let you know they are going to be your co-host.
Also be sure to take a guess at the recipe contest that is ending on the 31st of Jan. You might be the next winner. The reading contest is not that difficult if you like a challenge, and also ladies submit your crocheting and/or knitting stories for the PBD "Storybook Contest" that is still running. The site had been under construction but is back up and looking for traffic. All you have to do is send in to Crochetoholic any story that you have experienced in crocheting or knitting that may be funny, inspirational, educational, or just a plain old story idea. Just type it up now while your thinking of it and submit to Crochetoholic.
There are prizes for all these contests!!

Monday, January 28, 2008

Woohoo, Laurie!

My January swap package from Laurie was waiting for me when I got home from work today, and wow, what an awesome package it is!
I got a bag of wonderfully scented lavender potpourri (I could smell it before I even got the box open!), a kit to grow some lavender plants (how did Laurie know I've been wanting to grow some lavender for the longest time?!), perfect for growing in a pot on my sun porch, three Burt's Bees lip balms (and I happen to love Burt's Bees products!) in an adorable little case, a Knitting Pattern-A-Day boxed calendar. a really cute winter penguin hand towel (very appropriate, because my daughter and I are reading a book about penguins for a 4th grade class assignment!), a can of yummy milk/dark chocolate hot cocoa mix (which I had to hide to keep my daughter from getting into it!), two skeins of soft, white Patons Lacette yarn, a pattern for a beautiful scarf, three skeins of Lily Sugar N' Cream yarn in a pretty (pink!) Strawberry color, and a pack of lovely white Swarovski beads. Finally, I got a nice note from Laurie written on a knitting themed note card (too cute!).

My 5 year old son actually had no interest in anything in the box except for the bubble wrap - he started nagging me for the bubble wrap as soon as I opened the box - he likes popping the bubbles, LOL!
All in all, this was a wonderful first swap for me!

Thank you so much Laurie!

Thank you JoAnn!!!

Holy chowder JoAnn! You outdid yourself!! My mailman showed up with this ginormous box from JoAnn & I swear, it took me 20 min to unwrap everything! JoAnn sent me 4 patterns, yarn for dishcloths & a great bag as well as for a mother/daughter bag. Popcorn & chocolate covered pretzels (in convenient 100 cal packs! She knows I'm diabetic but those are my weaknesses!) Chocolate marshmallows, the pattern a day knitting calendar, needles, heart shaped silocone mold, a paperwhite ziva, notepad, notes, journal, beads, etc etc.
She also included a package for my daughter----knowing the Wee One is a Sleeping Beauty fan she sent these adorable plush Sleeping Beauty dolls---Princess Aurora, Prince Phillip, Flora, Fauna & Merrywether! As well as a Princess calendar & zip around case. They didn't make it into the pic because they are already in places of honor in her room! The dishcloth JoAnn sent? It's now a blanket for her doll. "Mine mommy!" is what I heard!
Thank you so much JoAnn---like I told you in my email, I am totally overwhelmed!! Thank you for another wonderful swap! (We've been swap partners what? 3 times now? )

Package News ~

Kristie your amazing gift arrived Sat - I just got home after being gone two days. I will post pictures tonight and a personal email is coming your way. You are such sweetie!

Deb - you have a second post being sent out in the next two days. Something slipped itself out of your box and took up camp on my desk (oops) so make sure you check for a second little something after your first !


Sunday, January 27, 2008

Lisa's swap package


I'm sending your swap package out tomorrow! I spent a lot of time putting it together and making sure I was including everything on the list. I hope you like everything! You should get it by the end of the week.


Package received from Mary A

I got my January swap package from Mary A the other day.

Sorry the picture is a little dark, but I received 3 skeins of yarn, a tape measure, a dishcloth, a toy monkey, bubble bath and lotion, a vanilla candle, a tape measure and a little bluebird pin.


Saturday, January 26, 2008

Finally - on the way!

Laurie - be on the lookout, your package finally made it to the post office today! Enjoy! You should have it early next week!
Sorry for the delay!

Friday, January 25, 2008


Your package is on it's way!!!!!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

package on its way

Charity your package finaly left the Poconos this afternoon and should be with you soon. Thanks for patience.

Helpers Needed Please Volunteer....

As you can see gals we have had a huge amount of new members joining up this month. So I will be needing some helpers...All of my helpers can choose to participate in each swap or just help out.

Here's what I need volunteers for:

  • Angels: you will be called upon from time to time to step in for a partner that has not sent their package. You will then send an "Angel" package to that person. [Angel packages may vary some what from the themes but should try to match at least some of the requirements]

  • Group Hostesses: Will be assigned a certain number of swappers to give out the partners [a template of the partner email will be given to the "Group Hostesses] and answer any of the assigned group swappers questions. You will also be responsible for making sure that the swappers receive their packages within the swap rules. All information and corresponding emails must include a "CC" to the swap hostess. [Any angels will be assigned by the swap hostess]

You can be a swapper and also Co-Host or you can just Co-Host the swap. It does involve some extra work, but I will give you no more than 8 swappers in a group, so that it is not too overwhelming.

This will also give you an opportunity to become a little more familiar with other swappers.

I will continue to take the majority of the swappers in my "group" and also set-up all their information on the blog. Any difficulties will be transferred over to me directly and I will assign any angels if they are needed. Mostly it is help with the assigning of partners, answering daily questions, and making sure the swap continues to run smoothly.

I appreciate any help that anyone can offer. At the end of the swap all my swap hostesses will receive an extra give for their efforts. Thank you...

Please post a comment here if you are interested or have any questions. All directions will be emailed to you before the swap begins. Or you can email Crochetoholic directly.

Package on it's way to Priscilla in sunny California

I wanted to let Priscilla and Deb know that the package was sent out today by UPS. Should receive it in a few days. Now Priscilla needs to send me some heat and sunshine! Thanks so much.

Nancy in frozen Minnesotat where the temp was -11 this morning! (or lower)

January Swap Received from Joelle

Isn't this a great swap?! The box of white hot chocolate is mmmm good.
I am anxious to make slippers and the next book I read will be Rlizabeth Peters.
The buttons will need to be used on a project for my grandaughter Emma Rose. You can't see how very pretty the roses are, but I know she will "claim" them.

Thank you for everything, Joelle.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Any Word on my Dec Package

Was just wondering if my Dec. Kit Swap is lost as I'm still waiting and haven't heard back from anyone. Is Dawn okay?

Welcome New Members Please Read

Welcome to our New Member
Courtney and Kristin and Britt
Please note to be sure to check your "junk" folders for the Google/Blogger invite to join up here on the blog so that you can post. Everyone has been sent an invitation and if you have not received one, please let me know immediately so I can resend it to you.
All swappers please check the "Wish Lists" page http://crochetwishlist.blogspot.com/ and if your name does not click to the right Wish List or does not link at all then you need to post one on the blog or let me know the link on your blog.
Also, there is a post below that all swappers need to read and comment on that you have read.
Welcome and I hope you have a fun time here at
Crochetoholic's Swap!!


Some of you have been getting packages, and although the package has been very nice, may not have been what the theme stated had to be sent? It is unfair to swappers to not include the required listed items in the monthly themes.
I wanted to add a note also that some partners may, for many reasons, unable to get the items requested, but do substitute them for other nice items, that is ok too.

Please take note what is required and include ALL the items that are in that month's themes. You can add anything else you wish, but you MUST include all the listed items for that month's theme.

If there is a problem, or you have discussed with your partneryou will not be sending an item she may already have, such as a particular hook or needles, that is fine, but then be sure to compensate with another item.

Also, if you by mistake, as we all do from time to time leave out an item, be sure to contact your partner and Crochetoholic that you will be sending it in another package following soon, or emailing it to them, if it is a pattern.

Remember this is a THEMED swap with listed items that need to be in your packages. If for some other reason you are unable to send the corrent package you must contact Crochetoholic with your explanation.
Also the "Wish Lists" that are posted in theh right sidebar are there for all of you to read over before you mail your packages so that you are sure not to send anything that your partner may not like or might be allergic to. PLEASE READ your partners "Wish Lists" before you shop and mail out your packages.

We all look forward to receiving our swaps with the items listed and we all try to send out packages that we would like to receive, so please read each swaps requirements closely and be sure to make a "check list" of what is needed in your boxes before you mail them to ensure that all items are in boxes.
As an added Note BE SURE TO THANK your partners here on the blog!!

Thank you

Crochetoholic Debb

Britt's Wish List

Britt's "Wish List"

Are you a knitter or crocheter?? Crochet I love to make.....Hats, dog clothes
I really want to make......Jewelery
My favorite yarns are.....chunky , cotton, cotton blends, bernet softy chunky
My wish pattern is......a hood or a shrug with a hoodMy favorite hooks or needles are.....clover *handle*, and clover *the crochet light*
I really wish I had..... a short Q Tunisian hook
My favorite colors are...Pink, Pink and more pink(LoL) Pink, Green, turquoise
My hobbies... new watercolor painter, photography
My kitchen theme and colors..black/white with cheerful accents (any happycolor)
My bathroom theme and colors...penguin, light blue and white, chrome/grey
My dislikes....multi granny squares and motifs projects (if it's one big one thats cool but I hate finishing)
My crafts..what I like.... jewelery (wire work, pearls, earrings and bracelets) , beginning knitter (so far I've only made scarves)
My favorite pets...I own a Dog , Hamster, and fish but my fav animal of all time is Penguins
My favorite scents...fruity've (NOT perfumy)
My favorite novels or magazines...Crochet Today, Wire Work, Mystery Novels with chick main character
Other stuff about me...Redskins Fan, Sabercats Fan(indoor football), Love Penguins, single, Love to travel with my dog! ( my 1 year old puppy has been to Arizona and Virginia already) I don't get to travel enough though! I was born in Virginia. My Bedroom is Sun, Moon, and Stars. My Dog's name is Peaches Love and she is a 7 lb Chihuahua.

Debs Package on its way!

Wanted to mail it sooner - but had to wait for your yarn to arrive
(smiles) hehheheheheeh
Suspense getting you yet?

Phyllis's package mailed!

Just wanted to post that this morning, Phyllis' package has been sent out! I've emailed to let her know, so hopefully there isn't too much of a delay! I know that sometimes packages crossing the Can/Am border may take longer, but hopefully not! Happy knitting!

Sabrina Package Mailed

I am heading to the UPS store to maile your package today. I will email you a tracking number when I get back. Hopefully you will have in a couple of days.


package from judith

After a long flight and many airport hassles finally returned from England to find waiting for me a great package from Judith.

She has sent me some lovely yarn which my 11 year old already has her eye on for me to make her something, and 2 lovely patterns for it. A book by the great Vickki Howel who i love. some candy mmm!! a handmade washcloth and bag. needles and stitch markers sewing needles to put it all together. a candle that i currently have burning in the bathroom. And note cards for me to decorate. and as you can see from the picture many other great things

Thankyou Judith for a lovely package and a smile brought to my face after some trying time.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Welcome New Swappers

Let's give a big hand of
to our new swapping friends!!

Cathy C
And Welcome back
Cathy H

Monday, January 21, 2008

Here is one of Our Donations

This tote bag [only in a different color] will be the prize for the Jan swap photo contest!!! It is donated by Sarah!

Thank you Sarah!!!!

Someone will be the lucky winner this month so be sure to post your photos. Everyone who posts a photo will be entered to win....Because there are so many wonderful packages we will draw names.

If you cannot take photos for some reason be sure to tell your partner so that they can photo their package before they send it out and post it with your thank you by sending it to me...

Helen's Wish List

Wish List for Helen;
Are you a knitter or crocheter?? LOVE to knit and like to crochet. Beginner crochet-er! I love to make.....any knit items that are small (socks, scarves, mittens,purses, dishcloths, shawls) I like instant gratification!
I really want to make......a sweater
My favorite yarns are.....Noro, Noro, Noro!!
My wish pattern is......Noro Revisited (book)
My favorite hooks or needles are.....Knitpicks Options (metal)
I really wish I had.....stuff and info on how to dye yarn. And a nice tape measure.
My favorite colors are...blues, greens, black
My hobbies...knitting, reading, sewing
My kitchen theme and colors..Green and white with no particular theme
My bathroom theme and colors...also green...no theme
My dislikes....flakers! Cheap squeeky yarn
My crafts..what I like....making jewelry with buttons and beads
My allergies...none
My favorite pets...my two pooches, Harley and Sophie plus Newt the crazy cat!
My favorite scents...lavender
My favorite novels or magazines...Real Simple magazine and A Thousand SplendidSuns by Khaled Hosseini is one of my many favorite books
Other stuff about me...I collect old buttons. I am in a monthly book club. ILOVE to read!

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Package Sent To Judith

Hi Judith;

Your package was mailed yesterday, should arrive Tuesday or Wednesday the latest.
Please email me upon delivery.


PS: Joelle is going to Holland...Woo-Hoo...with her DH for a few months so she will be gone from swapping for a bit but wanted to Wish her and her DH a safe and WONDERFUL trip!!!!

Package sent to Mary A

Hello Mary be on the look out for your package!! Its in the mail and I hope you like it!!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Marylyn Your Package was Sent

Package sent to Marylyn yesterday by Beth R!!! Be on the look out!

Thank You So Much Laura

Here are the goodies that I got Laura yesterday when I got home. The pattern that she sent was for the hat I am wearing. I could not resist the yarn and new Susan Bates Bamboo hook so I made the hat last night. There was a lot of really nice goodies in my box. I got a new size H Bamboo hook, some stitch markers, new needles for weaving in my ends, a coffee cup that said Clevand Ohio, some really yummy hot tea, a KnitSimple magazine, the Bernat Softee Chunky yarn that is pink, light brown, and cream varigated yarn, some really cute brown ribbon with polka dots (so cute), Almond Joy candy bars (how did you know I absolutely love those) a kitty calendar, some absolutely darling note cards and a clean cotton candle ( I love that). Thank you so much Laura.


Thursday, January 17, 2008

Many thanks to Phyllis!!

This is the box

This is the bag

and these are the goodies!!!

I received this package from Phyllis for the January White Swap. Everything was wrapped in white tissue paper and most of the goodies are white. I will try to list everything; sock pattern, 2 skeins of yarn, candles, white doilies(sp?), wint-o-green candies, some awesome jelly belly candies (hard candy coating over a peppermint patty thing?? I'm not sure, I just know they are DELICIOUS), crystal dish, white stones, ribbon, stickers, hot chocolate, coffee. PHEW, I think that is everything. Thank you so much Phyliss, totally awesome package :)

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Thank you Leslie!

I received this great package from Leslie today. What a great January mood lifter! The color in the picture is pretty poor, sorry. The 3 skeins of Patons Merino are a great shade of royal purple. There is a skein of white fun fur to use as an accent on the pattern Leslie had sent to me which should arrive shortly - more surprises! Yeah! I received lots of other goodies from Leslie also! You can see the cutest mouse pad that you add your own photo to, some great hand cream from Mary Kay to help get rid of my very dry hands, some bath flakes to soak in, some hot cocoa and marshmallows to sip and enjoy, and a cute puzzle to do with the little ones. The card at the bottom of the picture is so pretty!
Thank you Leslie for a great package! Can't wait to see the pattern you ordered for me! This was a great way to start off my swapping year!
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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Sponsor and/or Donate Now!

I am on the LOOKOUT for sponsors and donations for contests at this site or my other swap site.... I know that a lot of you have Etsy shops and also Ebay stores and/ or maybe even websites where you sell your handmade, or other items; or some of you that might have yarn [ at least 2 skeins that have never been used with like new labels and no damage to the yarn]or other related gifts that you have never used and they are in "like new" condition, you can donate those gifts, too!

It will all be welcomed.... if you donate any item for the January contest and/or any future contests you will be the next shop to be added to our Sponsors and/or donation links in the right column.
But, not only that, I have several other blogs....about 10 more that get lots and lots of visitors daily. If you sponsor here I will also advertize your shop or website on all those blogs, too! And if you give a donation you will receive honerable mention in the sidebar and a free pattern designed by Crochetoholic.

Think of all the possible business this could generate for you? Hundreds of people looking to buy handmade items, or, whatever you may sell. It does not have to be handmade. Whatever you sell I will advertize it for you if you make a donation and/or sponsor a contest. And I will also perodically refer readers to your link in posts here throughout the year.

What are you waiting for? Go ahead and email your blog, website, Etsy store, or your Ebay store with your name, and email address, along with your donation description to Crochetoholic. [be sure to put "sponsor or donation in the subject line] After it has been accepted you will receive a conformation email and your name will be listed in the sidebar.

Come on and sign up now to donate and/or be a sponsor for Crochetoholic!!!!

January Swap Package Sent!


Just want to let you know that I mailed out your January swap package today! I sent it via USPS Priority Mail, so you should have it within 2-3 days.


Laura (in cold, snowy Cleveland, OH!)

Monday, January 14, 2008

Sarah's Wish List

Are you a knitter or crocheter?? knitter
I love to make....tote bags, mug rugs, water bottle cozies, cell phone bags
I really want to make...knit a dress
My favorite yarns are....cotton, varigated
My wish pattern is...
My favorite hooks or needles are...Bryspun circular knitting needles. I use numbers 7 and 8 mostly.
I really wish I had....a shawl.
My favorite colors are...light blue, purple, soft pink, lavender
My hobbies...knitting, writing pen pals, fiction/poetry, drawing, using stickers on letters, digital photos.
My kitchen theme and colors..boring!
My bathroom theme and colors...boring!
My dislikes...smoke smell, rude people
My crafts..knitting, stickers, drawing, writing
My allergies...smokers, perfumes, scented candles, scented lotion.
My favorite pets...stuffed bears
My favorite scents...outdoors pine tree scents
My favorite novels or magazines...Good Old Days, Creative Knitting, Reminisce, Country Woman.
Other stuff about me...I'm a 1850s Historic West Buff. I enjoy visiting old ghost towns, old mines, panning for gold. I've travel a lot. Been in 30 states. Lived in Oregon, California, Colorado, Montana, and now in Arizona! I'm crazy about horses! I write fiction stories. I have a story about a smiling kangaroo. Cute story!!

Joelle's Wish List

Are you a knitter or crocheter?? Crocheter
I really want to make......I love to make cards with stamps....
My favorite yarns are. baby blue and geen....
My wish pattern is.. afghan....
My favorite hooks or needles are.....
I really wish I had.....
My favorite colors are.. red yellow lavender.
My hobbies.. sewing,stamping reading..
My kitchen theme and colors.. are green and cream.
My bathroom theme and colors. are peach and white..
My dislikes....
My crafts..what I like....
My allergies.. iodine.
My favorite pets.. dogs.
My favorite scents.. gardenia.
My favorite novels or magazines. prevention,threads and stamping...
Other stuff about me.. I sew for the children who are in foster care. Wife, mother of 3 age 24, 21, 9. I work partime and homeschool my daughter. Scout coleader. Still learning about the use of a computer.

Lesley's January Swap Package


I just wanted to let Lesley and Debb know that Lesley's January swap package will be sent out tomorrow. I really enjoyed putting this together. Enjoy!

* Phyllis *

Friday, January 11, 2008

December Package Winner

Ok its that time again to announce the winner for the month of December, it was a tough choice as we had some pretty awesome packages out there, and so the winner is .....drum roll please ladies........

Remember to post your photos as this is a new year and anyone can win. There is a different winner each month. We have a great group and wonderful packages.....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thank you Shanda!!

Shanda was my December swap partner & because I was going to be out of town, was kind enough to wait to ship it until I was on my way back.
And it was SO worth waiting for! She sent me a cute Santa hat pattern, needles & yarn to make it with. The white LB yarn is sparkly which is neat. And she sent 2 skeins of Fantasy Naturale which is my fave!

YOu can probably see the little hand on the teddy bear---my daughter's claimed him & he in her grip as I type. I also got some bath & Body works goodies, a giant Hershey's kiss & a lovely note about the traditions her family has.
Thank you so much Shanda!!!! You were too good to me!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Updated swap questionnaire for JoAnn

Are you a knitter or crocheter?
I enjoy both
I love to make.....
smaller projects
I really want to make......
something for myself
My favorite yarns are.....
anything soft - don't like scratchy yarns like Lopi
use novelty yarns but only for accents
My wish pattern is......
My favorite hooks or needles are.....
shorter straight and dpn needles and circulars for knitting - any material and any kind of crochet hook except for Boye
I really wish I had.....
more free time to knit/crochet
My favorite colors are...
Purple, Navy, Dark Green, Dark Red, most any color . Not real fond of orange or yellow but do use them at times
My hobbies...
knitting, crocheting, quilting(not that often anymore), reading, shopping, blogging, swapping
My kitchen theme and colors..
kitchen has wood floors and cabinets so most colors go and it has curtains with - surprise - lighthouses on them.
My bathroom theme and colors...
downstairs bathroom has a shell theme in blue/lavender and cream
upstairs bathroom - surprise again- lighthouses in black/navy/dark red
My dislikes....
My crafts..
knitting , crocheting. A little beading, quilting. have tried most but mostly stick to knit/crochet at this time
what I like....
lighthouses, walking on beach, soft scents, reading
My allergies...
My favorite pets...
my cat
My favorite scents...
Soft scents - nothing to strong
My favorite novels or magazines...
Mostly knitting/crochet magazines
Don't get to read as often as I used to but enjoy Stephen King, Mary Clark, Dean Koontz, Debbie Macromber. Favorite books are The Godfather and Gone with the Wind
Other stuff about me...
Love to spend time with my BF and family. Most of knitting/crocheting is for my kids/grandchildren if it isn't for a swap.
Love baseball - the Boston Red Sox and go to see them play as often as I can.
Love the beach. Go to Cape Cod as often as possible to walk and relax on the beach - any time of year!

Thank you Priscilla

Thank you Priscilla for the great December swap package!
I can't wait to try the patterns for the snowmen and other Christmas items with the yarn you sent . The peppermint coasters look really cute! I will be having the hot cocoa this evening. My daughter claimed the chocolates but I saved the hot cocoa for me! The pen and pencil are on my desk along with the "J" stickies. I have put the cute snowmen ornaments away for next year but the little snowman snowglobe is on my sofa table to enjoy for the winter.
Thank you for the special package and have a Happy and Healthy New Year.
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Monday, January 7, 2008

~ Mail Call ~

my deepest apologies for the delay but your package
has set sail to you. Thx for your patience and I hope
you enjoy it.

Partners are Assigned for January 2008

January Partners are Assigned!
Its that time again ladies! January 2008 is here and its a new year. Be sure to get all your packages mailed before the end of the month. Even though our rules state partners will be assigned around the 12th of the month I am moving the date up, because of popular demand. So the new rules will be that partners will be assigned around the 8th of every month.
**As always please let me know if your partner has not contacted you and/or you have not received your Decmber package.

Below is the assignment and each of you will get a personal email of your partner's adddress within the next two days. [please note that the pattern is for 1 project only]

Here is the line-up:
Debb ..........Mary A
Priscilla.......Beth R
Beth R........Marylyn
Monique....Dawn A
Dawn A......Joelle
JoAnn.......Laurie C
Laurie C....Laura

***Be sure and read what you are to send your partners this month....don't forget to include a note of who its from and which swap, because a lot of our swappers are in many swaps.
  1. A pattern for 1 small project, EX: some socks, mittens, or slippers, [crochet or knitted depending on your partners preference]
  2. Enough yarn for the project
  3. All the notions needed for the project
  4. Some white buttons, beads, or other embellishments
  5. A white treat of some sort, candy, note cards, candles, or anything white
  6. A calendar
  7. Some tea or coffee or hot cocoa to keep warm
And be sure and email your partner if you will be late or just to say "Hi! I'm your partner..."
**Also remember the new rules that you MUST email your partner and "CC" me when you mail your package.
Have fun !!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

New Wish List and Posts Up

Hello All...it is the New year 2008 and I wanted to let everyone know I did a little revamping on the links and also the "Wish List" Please note there are several new links to help those of you that are not "too hip" on blogging and also to show you some easy steps in posting buttons.

I have decided to post some buttons that you can add to your blogs and link back to here, so the "how to" link in the right sidebar will be a big help to some. It is on the rules page too.

Also please please be sure to post your thank yous and when you send out your packages here and send an email to me to let me know when they have gone to the PO or FedEx . This is a new rule for everyone, but it will help me to know who has sent their packages out and who has not. If you are going to be late please be sure to CC me along with your email that you are sending to your partner.

We all know that life has a way of "springing" clitches on us at incovienent times, so communication is a must with the group! no one wants our partners to be out there wondering what has happened!

When it gets close to the end of the month and you still have not mailed out your package then email your partner [CC me] and let them know why and when they can expect it. You also need to post it on the blog. That is what the blog is for.

Our purpose here is to have fun! We haeva great set of new swaps coming up in 2008, I hope everyone has taken the time to read through the themes. If you have any suggestions be sure to drop me an email and if you can volunteer to be an angel please let me know.

****If anyone is interested in donating or sponsoring prizes for the contests, please email Crochetoholic and you'll be given an advertising link in the sidebar and more advertising in posts throughout the swap.

Also, if anyone cares to make buttons, that's always appreciated! And you will be sent a prize for every accepted button.
Happy New Year Everyone!!

Lisa's Wish List

Are you a knitter or crocheter?? crochet
I love to make..... coasters dishclothes bears
I really want to make......not sure
My favorite yarns are.....soft
My wish pattern is......
My favorite hooks or needles are.....
I really wish I had.....
My favorite colors are...lilac pink soft blue
My hobbies...
My kitchen theme and colors..
My bathroom theme and colors...
My dislikes....smoke smell..and rude pepole
My crafts..what I like....
My allergies...
My favorite pets...duck my mixed chiwawa and pit bull
My favorite scents...lilac
My favorite novels or magazines...crochet any
Other stuff about me...

Welcome Lisa New Swapper

Lisa says: "I love to crochet and read and have pen pals...I'm married and have four boys..three which are grown and one who is ten.....I'm fixing to be a first time grandma to a girl amelia " Congrats to the new grandbaby coming!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Welcome Sarah


Sarah says:

"Something about me: This is my third swap. First one was the ITE 4 with Deb Brown, the second one with Bag-a-holic. I just love to knit. Since June 2007, I have knitted over 30 bags in different sizes. My favorite author is myself. I write poetry, fiction and I have a mystery. My hobbies are knitting, pen pals, taking digital photos, the historic old west, writing. I'm allergic to wool and perfumes. I read about eight magazines like Reminisce, Good Old Days, Creative Knitting. What Fun!!

Welcome New Members Nancy and Beth R

WELCOME BETH.....glad to have you with us!!!

Beth says she loves to read when she has time.
She crochets all she can after work.
She also loves to watch the birds out the front window.

WELCOME NANCY!!! good to have you join us....

Nancy says.... she is a swapaholic like so many others. She has been in several swaps, including Tote Exchange IV, Christmas Around the World, and swaps on swap-bot, but she is a relative newbie. Nevertheless, she is hooked.

My Swap Package!

I finally got my camera cable and was able to take a picture of all the goodies Debb sent for my swap package. Don't drool, now...... I wrote an earlier post on Wednesday night which was when I got in from Florida, listing all the beautiful things in the box, but now ya'll can see them!
Thank you so much again, Debb and a BIG Happy New Year from Phyllis!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

ATTN Laurie C :)

Your Dec swap is on its way today!! Laurie let me know she was going to be gone 2 weeks when I was going to mail her package around Dec 18th. So we decided I would wait until she was almost back! I am mailing it today before the rain comes throgh So Cal! We are looking at about 5 days of rain which we so need right now. Even though the burn areas may get damage with mudslides. I am not in those areas thank goodness! Anyway, I hope you love your swap Laurie! I had fun shopping and finding you fun things!! Happy New Year to all of the swappers!! WOOHOO!

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

My Swap Package!

Ok, folks.....it is now 10:00 PM, and I just came in from the zoo of the airport. I've been away for 2 weeks and I can't tell you how TIRED I am, but I just HAD to post this. I just opened my swap package from Debb and my eyes nearly fell out of my head! I'm going to list what was in this beautiful package because I had some of my luggage shipped with UPS and my camera cable is in that suitcase, therefore I can't post a picture at this moment, but believe me, I will! I'm not exaggerating.....this is one of the most thoughtfully put together gifts I think I've ever received. There was a great pattern for a felted Christmas stocking along with 3 skeins of Patons Classic Merino wool and the double points needed to knit it, some adorable Mary Engelbrett mini note cards, some Hershey's Sticks extra dark chocolate (only 60 calories per stick!), cat stickers & cat magnets, a beautiful Coffee book, a beautiful Christmas CD with music performed by The Mistletoe Choir, (do I keep using the word "beautiful??), a lovely lined notebook, 2 adorable Christmas handtowels, peppermint candy mints, some Christmas tea, needles, a recipe by Paula Deen (who I love) and a beautiful gray, pink and green scarf folded up in a small Christmas tote. 

Debb, saying "Thank You" just isn't enough for all the thought you put into this gift.
I especially enjoyed reading about your family's holiday traditions which you shared with me.

I will enjoy all the things you sent more then I can express. 

I wish a happy and healthy 2008 filled with only good things, to you and yours.

Love, * Phyllis *

Thank you Debb!

Thank you Debb for the great prize package I received on Christmas Eve. Sorry for the delay in thanking you - has been a busy holiday week! The magazine is perfect - I almost bought it when I was at the craft store but needed to spend my money on Christmas things so when I received it from you it was great! It has some great projects I want to try!
The magnet is so cute! It is on my fridge with the rest of my magnets - what else are fridge doors for!
The knitting diary is a great idea. Maybe it will help jump start me to be becoming more organized this year!
Thanks again for the great job you do with the swaps and I hope your New Year brings you health and happiness and lots of crocheting!
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