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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Package from Nicola

I tried to post this earlier in the week, but couldn't get my post to go. Anyway, thought I would try again. Can't post photos tho, camera is acting all goofy on me. But I got a package (actually two) from Nicola. It was my June tote swap package. She sent a super package. I got recipe cards, and a tote pattern. I got recycled Sari Silk. Never tried using it, but I am sure going to. Love that tote pattern she sent. It's from Knitty.com and it's called unbiased. Really looks like fun to make. Nicola also sent me some biscuits, of which I just finished the last ones tonite. They were good. I got treats for my furbabies. They loved them and thanks for thinking about them. They're gone too, by the way. Thanks Nicola, for sending such a super package. I enjoyed opening it. And I am still fondling the silk. Colors are sooo bright, I wish I could take a picture for you all but maybe I can get it to working again.
Mary A

Friday, July 27, 2007

Why we love to SWAP!!!!!

Here are some of the reasons why people say they love to swap with yarn....

1. It has an element of surprise-- helps relieve boring days.

2. It feels good to give to others.

3. We get to "touchy feely" all those wonderful yarns and textures....

4. Gifts all year long.

5. It's a social activity to share with your new online friends.

6. It's easy -- and fun.

7. Provides a sense of accomplishment when you complete a swap.

8. Adds balance to a high-tech, fast-paced lifestyle.

9. Adds to our stash....we never can have "too much!!"

10.Gives you a reason to shop...shop...shop....

11. You learn from others.

12. We get to see everyone's package's and "drool."

13. Makes you think outside the "Box."

14. You get to express your creative side--

And best of all.....

15. It's how we can all become friends on Crochetoholic's Swap Blog!!!!

Received my Kit from Dawn!

I am so excited to receive this exchange! I haven't however picked out which bag I will make yet...........

Here is the list:

A skein of Aqua Mist Ombre yarn to go with the Pin wheel dishcloth pattern.

Trend setter Totes Pattern Booklet

Aqua cotton yarn to make my tote with.

Checked cloth to line my bag, with the thread to match.

A button to close it with.

Hook to crochet my bag.

Key ring clip.

Cross stitch kit.

Cute not cards.

Spearmint lip gloss.


My favorite candy, well wrapped. It did melt a bit, but nothing else in the package was affected and it was yummy!

Thank you so much Dawn for my great package. I can tell you put a lot of thought into putting it together.


Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Check out this June Tote Swap Package!!

This huge package came all the way from Vegas courtesy of MaryB. That's Black yarn with a metallic thread running through and some gold metallic yarn. Not one pattern but two and a whole booklet of patterns to choose from, The Knit2 Together book which I have on my Amazon list, crochet hooks, tin of mints, Swanky Hankies, Japanese Origami paper, postcard and a Pail of Jello (UK translation = bucket of jelly). Thanks a million to Mary. Don't forget to nominate her for the best package award - I will be!!!!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Look for a box to arrive in the next few weeks. The USPS said one week, but I am guessing 2 weeks. It's an angel delivery for the April yarn ball swap. Let me know when it arrives!
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Thursday, July 12, 2007

My Tote Is Complete

Here is my completed tote.I love it and want to thank Judith again,I really enjoyed making this tote and as you can see I have already put it to use on a project I started awhile back.Thanks again. I am making a couple of accessories to go with it,with the yarn I had left over,I am making a little bag to put my scissors and I am also making a shoulder strap,because I always throw things on my should so I can carry my purse and keys and I know I will be using this tote often.

Swappers See Rules

Everyone..... please read the new rules that are posted on the "How to Join! The Rules!" link in the right column. Please read them carefully. I have added some rules to help alleviate any future problems with delays in receiving your swap packages. I know we all have circumstances that arise from time to time that can cause us "hiccups" in our sending habits. This is why I have set up some guidelines for all of us to follow in swapping at Crochetoholic's Swap Blog. We will continue to use our angels to send any packages that are not received by the 5th of the following month after a swap has ended. If the original assigned partner can send their package after that time, they will be required to send the package to the angel that took their place in the swap. I think this will reassure that everyone gets their packages in a timely manner, and that the angels will also be rewarded for their generosity if the original partner can then fulfill their commitment.

Winner For May Beaded Stitch Marker Package

We Have a WINNER girls!!!!! Congratulations to Shawnee!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!!
She received the most votes for the May package. I am sending out tomorrow her prize. And, Lesley I apologize as I never did send yours out but, it is also going out tomorrow in the mail.....Now ladies lets vote for those June Tote Bag Kit packages....Everyone get all your pictures posted...I want to see some votes coming in....You cannot win if you do not vote or post your photos! Please Vote If I receive no more votes by the end of next week I will just drop names in a hat and pick. So cast away ladies!! Comment here or send me an email with the name of the posted picture and the person that sent the June package will get the vote. Once everyone has voted I will announce the winner and that person will be sent a special surprise gift. So.... cast your vote now! Crochetoholic Debb

Get Well to Judith

Hope you are feeling better Judith from your surgery!!!

From all your "stitching" pals of Crochetoholic's Swap Blog!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hello everyone,I have finally been able to sit and post.This is a picture of the wonderful package I received from Judith P.,she chose a great bag for me to do and I will post a picture as soon as I have completed it.I just love the Strata yarn she chose for my tote and the pattern is really easy,but I really love the book she sent me 100 CROCHET PROJECTS.I have my eye on quite a few future projects.Thank You so much Judith I love everything,you are the best.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Sandy Update!!

Hello Everyone.... I just thought I would let you all know that Sandy is still in recovery and has been very ill. She has more treatments to endure, but when she finishes and feels better we should see her back with us... I hope. I have sent prayers her way.

Thank You Cathy Package Arrived!!!

Thank you Cathy for a wonderful package....

I got a really nice package from Cathy with pretty yarn, lots of my favorite teas [green] bath salts, wonderful Red Hats stitch markers, Red Hat ornaments, and the cutest Red Hat earrings. I also got a key chain with a flash light and tape measure, marker and . Thanks Cathy....

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Thank You Monique!

Received my package from Monique today. Thank You! They yarn is beautiful and sooo soft and my favorite color! You did a great job on the stitch markers, they are really cute. The rest of the goodies are real nice too. I love the paper soap, I never saw anything like it before. The body butter and lip butter both smell wonderful - I will hide them from my daughters! I can't wait to use my new needle with the yarn to make myself something special.
Thank you and I hope you vacation was a good one.
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Belated Thanks for Mary - May Stitch Marker

I'm so sorry I didn't post my thank you here, too. Mary is just a wonderful partner. Check it out:

Crochetoholic Stitch Marker Swap -- Mary spoiled me wonderfully with these PERFECT stitch markers -- she's from Vegas and those are little dice!! (She sent four but I've already got one active in a project!) Two soft skeins of red Divine yarn, special post-its and a journal for my bag. Thanks so much!!

Friday, July 6, 2007


i sent your packaga a while ago
i never saw that you received it

with the hassles of moving
i kept misplacing it
it DID go into the mail
around Mon June 25
i emailed you the day it was sent
i DID send you weekly updates

the move was SUDDEN
had i known i was gonna move so quickly
i would not have particiapated

now i haven't heard IF the package ever got there
the postal service CAN run a trace if i have to

Thursday, July 5, 2007

My Tote is Made

Well I made my tote kit up last night while listening to the neighborhood going wild with the fireworks..lol
Isn't this cute, its a cute little bag :) I have yet to do the lining, but that will happen after I get my sewing machine dug out..The room its in is quite a diaster at the moment...but here is my finished bag from the June Tote Kit Swap..