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Saturday, June 30, 2007

Vote for May's Best Package Now!

We will be having another winner announcement for the Beaded Stitch Marker Swap for May when I get all your votes. I think all the packages are posted now, so please cast your votes so I can pick a winner... I have 5 votes so far.! Be sure to post those photos gals...You cannot win if you do not vote or post your photos!Please Vote So Gals cast your vote for the best photo of the Beaded Stitch Marker for May; and then the best one for June's Tote Bag Kit for June. I have received no votes for the June. I need more of the group participation so I can get the surprise package out to the winner. Lesley I am sending your package next week. If I receive no more votes by Monday I will just drop names in a hat and pick. So cast away ladies!! Comment here or send me an email with the name of the posted yarn ball and the person that sent the yarn ball will get the vote. Once everyone has voted I will announce the winner and that person will be sent a special little surprise gift. So cast your vote now! Crochetoholic Debb

Friday, June 29, 2007

My June Tote Kit Swap Arrived & Mailing Nikki's

Wow, Thank you Debb for all the pretties!! Thank you , Thank you!!!

I took a chance and got mail before we left for bowling and had enough time to send a quick Thank you to Debb (she was my partner), then after bowling took my pic's and now posting..

I love the purple cow body sponge, sorry he will sit in my purple kitchen, just the right color :) and oh so cute!! ...on my gosh, so much in here I don't want to miss anything, so you can see from the pic all my goodies...I had to put the peppermint crunches back in the frig..stuff melts coming here in the summer time unfortunately, but they'll be fine and can't wait to try em...I just love everything, love that lime green and can't wait to do the bag pattern, and those buttons are the cutest...the handheld fan will find its way in my bowling bag :) Thank you Debb! (we were stuck without a ceiling fan working over our heads last night bowling) so the fan will come in handy for sure.

Nikki, I will have your swap sent out definitely by Monday..I need to get an item or two and then It'll be ready to mail..so depending on store line may be mailed out tomorrow.

Thanks Debb for having all these Swaps, they've been fun and interesting to put together, plus making new friends!

I'm busy getting everything ready for our vacation to Spain tomorrow but I wanted to show the freat things I received . The first photo shows the wonderful things I received from my angel on the May swap, bernie. I just love everything, thank you very much.

And the second photo shows the wonderful things I received from the june tote bag swap, from Robin.I just love everything.
Thank you both very, very much.

New Members For September Swapping

Welcome to a few new "swapping" friends! Cathy T and Sabrina!!!

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Beaded Stitch Marker Package Received

I got my package for the month of May today from my angel, Mary B, THANK YOU!!!! I loved it all, I got some wonderful Sugar n Cream yarn in greens and multi greens, 2 sets of stitch markers that are sooooo pretty!! And 3 crochet pattern books, cute note pads and a magnet. What a wonderful angel!!! Thank you sooo much!! Crochetoholic Debb

Thank you JoAnn

What a wonderful package of goodies I got from Joann. The bag pattern is great and I love to work with Paton's yarn and will post a photo of the finished bag. Included in this swap (along with the pattern, yarn and a pack of crochet hooks), I received a Creative Knitting Magazine, a pencil case (for my hooks I am guessing), some summer erasers, an M.E. journal, some beaded flowers for my flip flops, a skein of Berrocco Crystal FX , a bath puff, Bath & Body Works goodies and P shaped sticky notes (cute!). Oh, I almost forgot, everything I described above is sitting on a really cute blue vinyl beach bag with a polka dot bottom.

JoAnn really went overboard and I really appreciate it all!

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

thank you, Judy

I got my tote bag package the other day, but finally got around to thanking Judy today (sorry!). I have a pattern for a flower tote bag, looks pretty cool, I'llprobably start it tonight, along with the yarn - an orange/yellow for the flower part (think of the color of an orange daylily) with the cream for the inside (again like a daylily), green for the leaves and a mauve color for the background. Very pretty colors. I also got a beaded pin kit plus my youngest cat got a new place to investigate. Apparently Judy slipped something good for cats to smell in the box, but I don't smell it.

Thank you, Judy, for your genorosity! It's really cool.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Mary B Delivery Notice

Mary your June Tote Bag package is on its way!! Be on the look out......

Package for Joelle

I just sent out your package by UPS. It should arrive on Monday July 2nd. Let me know when you get it.

Sympathy for Judy B

With deepest sympathy to Judy Bee for her losses. Prayers to her and her family.

Monday, June 25, 2007



Debb Received June Tote Bag Kit

Thank you so much Mary A for a delightful June Tote Bag Kit. Mary gave me a wonderful red and striped yarn bag filled with a pen. pad, scrumpious yarn in my favorite colors, aknitting magazine, beads, and more. See the picture for how nice it was!! Thanks Mary A...

Attn: Debb- May Stitch Marker Swap

Just wanted to let you know that your May Stitch Marker swap is on its way!
Just mailed this morning!!

Heya Judy B


I received delivery confirmation that your June Tote package

reached your town on June 20th. Did you get it yet?

Thank you,


Sunday, June 24, 2007

Look What Shawnee Sent.....

Beautiful handmade stitch markers with really fiddly wirework. Good Job Shawnee.... And a huge package of other goodies, Shawnee went way beyond the call of duty on this one - especially as she had to ship overseas. Look - Shibui Knits cardigan pattern, Noni Lattice Bag pattern, Cupcakes Recipe Magazine (My kids and I just LOVE cake!!!). Hersheys sticks of chocolate, just 60 cals per stick so perfect for my so called diet and.....

Shibui knits Sock yarn in a lovely blue which is a bit darker than this and heading for its destiny as a pair of Cookie A socks (not sure which pattern though, what do you think girls???)
So a big hand for Shawnee and her perfect package - what a great swapper she is!

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

~ May Package ~

(sorry its a bit blurred on the stitchmarkers ~ will try and re-take them)

Thx Mary ;D
ps ~ you can read this post for details of package ~ post it pad, pen w/journal & lip balm are missing from pic.

Monday, June 18, 2007



Hello all...I am assigning angels for those of you that had not received any packages for April or May's swaps. So if you have not let me know, or have not gotten an email letting you know that angels will be sending to you soon, please do let me know now. For those of you that have responded to me about sending your packages and are late, please contact your partners NOW advising them of your situation. This has been a great group of ladies and I really look forward to swapping with everyone in the fall. And i must comment on the wonderful pictures of received packages. Please do not forget to vote!!

June Tote Swap Sent

Judy, Your June tote package is on its way!


Saturday, June 16, 2007

Judy's Stitch Marker Package from Craftybernie

I'm not sure if Judy's posted this yet but I thought I might as well (would hate to miss out on the voting!!!) Here's a piccie of the things I sent to Judy...

The blue beads on the stitchmarkers are actually plastic beads that I crochet over with some blue(ish) embroidery thread. The little pouch was made using fabric remnants and a ladies hankie to line the inside. Also, the little mini sock was made by me and felted especially for Judy (our felting filly). Apart from the sock, I tried to stick to a blue/purple theme. Thankfully everything has arrived safely.


Friday, June 15, 2007

Robin's tote bag questions

1. Do you like bigger or smaller tote/beach bags?
Either one is fine by me, though I do like bigger.

2. Do you like bright colors
yes I do. No colors I really dislike....
3. Do you like plastic handles or other?
Whatever works is fine
4.Do you like knit or crochet bags
crochet because that's what I like best.
5. What do you put in your tote/beach bags?
a little bit of everything - yarn & hooks, a magzine or a book, Ipod, snacks, address book, pens & notepad

Debb's June Tote Bag Questions

1. Do you like bigger or smaller tote/beach bags? I like bigger but I am not picky smaller is ok too
2. Do you like bright colors? YES and summer colors Dislike colors? none really
3. Do you like plastic handles or other? I like both but for tote bags the softer ones work best
4.Do you like knit or crochet bags? both I crochet mostly but knit is fine too
5. What do you put in your tote/beach bags? yarn, change purse, hooks, scissors, drink, purell wash, tissues, sun lotion, towel, book, stationery, pen, note pad, cookies, flip flops, hat, fan

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Winner of the Magic Yarn Ball For April

We have a winner for the Magic Yarn Ball Swap in April! Its Lesley!!!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! Lets congratulate her gals. And on that note send in your votes for the May Beaded Stitch Marker Swap and post those photos gals...You cannot win if you do not vote or post your photos!Please Vote

So Gals cast your vote for the best photo of the Beaded Stitch Marker for May; and then the best one for June's Tote Bag Kit for June. I have received no votes for the May. I need more of the group participation so I can get the surprise package out to the winner. If I receive no more votes by the end of next week I will just drop names in a hat and pick. So cast away ladies!! Comment here or send me an email with the name of the posted yarn ball and the person that sent the yarn ball will get the vote. Once everyone has voted I will announce the winner and that person will be sent a special little surprise gift. So cast your vote now! Crochetoholic Debb

Thank you Nicola!!

Here is the package I received from Nicola. She personally dyed this yarn for me :) see the beautiful green color! It also has yellow and white. It is Blue Faced Leicester laceweight, I'm looking for a pattern for a shawl or stole, any ideas out there? Also received some adorable stitch markers, all shoe related (in green) and some English chocolate that was total liquid upon delivery. It is in the fridge trying to regain its shape! Thank you very much, I'll be sure to send a photo of whatever it is I make with this yarn (can't promise it'll be very soon though)

Hello everyone ...I want to thank everyone who has signed up to be an angel for this group. You are really a great swapping group. As most of you know I have another swapping blog for book lovers called DaBookLady's Book and Bookmark Swap. I am in need of angels for that group too, if anyone wants to volunteer just email me. Thanks so much. http://dabookswap.blogspot.com/

June Swap ;D

You can find my swap preferences here. Thx Debb for such fun. ;D

Judy Bee June Tote Bag Wish List

Do you like bigger or smaller tote/beach bags? BIG
Do you like bright colors? YES Dislike colors? NOPE
Do you like plastic handles or other? EITHER IS FINE
Do you like knit or crochet bags? EITHER
What do you put in your tote/beach bags? CROCHET PROJECTS

Finding Patterns

I wanted to send a partner for a different swap a free bag pattern from the

Caron Company

I emailed them and within a few days I had my answer and it was a yes! If you see a free pattern on line you want to send for this swap, it doesn't hurt to ask. I haven't decided what pattern I am going to send my June Tote Kit partner yet. I do want to get the kit together by this weekend because of my eye surgery. I won't be on line for a few days..........

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

June Tote Bag Kit Partners

Hello Everyone...I am posting assigned partners again on the blog so there are no problems. Since this is not a secret swap I wanted everyone to be able to see their partners and then there will be no confusion. I hope that this will be easier for everyone. Please let me know if there is still a problem. And look for your emails with your partners addresses. Be sure to keep in contact with your swapping partner so she is not left in the dark. Thank you

Debb-Mary B
Mary B-Nicola
Nicola-Mary A
Mary A-Debb
Priscilla- Joelle
Judith-Judy Be
Judy Be-Robin

I hope that everyone has fun on our last swap before our summer break. Please do email me if there is a problem and your partner to let them know that you are aware they are your partner. Thank you and Happy Swapping!!!

Hello...just an update on Sandy...She had to go back in for more serious surgery and so if anyone had her for a partner and did not hear from her that is the reason. If she was to send you a swap and you never received it be assured that you will get a package from an angel. Some of our members have been very generous in offering to be angels...I thank you...I will be sending you info on those that need an "Angel" package....

Monday, June 11, 2007

Welcome to New Members Joelle and Judy Be

Lets welcome our new swapping members Joelle and Judy Be !!!!

Angels for Missing Packages Wanted

I have 2 volunteers for angels for the swaps. So if anyone does not receive their package for one reason or the other there will be a package sent out to them by an angel. All packages should be received by now as tomorrow the new partners get assigned and the new June swap begins. I have heard from a few who have not received their packages and I am working on those swaps, if you have not received your package and you are not in contact with your partner, by that I mean they are not responding to your emails, and have not already contacted me, please send me an email now. Remember to contact your partner. Look for your partners.....

Sunday, June 10, 2007

Thank you Patt

Here are all the things I got from Patt. A postcard from the San Francisco Zoo, angel stickers, 2 pages of very nice address labels (I have already used one) and stitch markers that spell out my name. Check these out, they are so cool. 9 stitch markers, how generous! Thank you so much Patt!

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Swapping Reminder and Rules

Good morning Gals!! I hope everyone is ready for the June Tote Kit Swap. I will be assigning partners this weekend and then the fun begins! Just a reminder this is the last swap till September. Anyone who is not in the swap or who is and wants to change their status, PLEASE email me.
I wanted to take a monment and let everyone know that any swap we have does not require you to send anymore than what the theme is. You do not have to buy lots of extra goodies, although if you want to that is ok too. The reason I say this is I do not want to discourage others from joining that want to swap, but may not be able to afford all the "Extra" goodies that some swappers send. You can find many items at the $1 store and also any Walmart. Some items are lighter than others and can help on postage too. With the rate increases some of us may not be able to send a lot of things that weigh more increasing the postage to higher fees.
So in a nutshell. Send whatever you can afford and I am sure all our partners will be happy with what they get. It is for fun and the surprise of getting a package that someone else has shopped for that makes these swaps fun. And anything handmade is always welcomed! Yarn does not have to be hand dyed yarn store quality yarn to be sent in our swaps. I have crocheted with a cheaper yarn and made some really pretty items. So have fun ladies and don't fret on your packages. We are here to enjoy the swaps!!! Now if anyone has not received their May swap and has not heard from their partner, please let me know. Most of you should have your packages or they are on their way to you by now. Thanks Crochetoholic Debb

Leslie J - It's On Its Way!!!

It's finally on its way to the US of A. Hope you like it Leslie.


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Whooo hoooo got my stuff

Here is a photo of what my partner (Debb) for the stitchmarker swap sent me. There were 2 skeins of the yarn and also a cute sheep to hang up that I love. The markers are so nice I love them too. Hey Debb did you make the Love to Knit card you sent? It is soooo cute.
Thanks for everything hon.,
I mailed off my puffy to my pal yesterday. I do hope she forgives me for sending late. I am ashamed of myself I swear.
Hugs, Patt

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

~ Thx Mary ~

Just wanted you to know that I got my package yesterday. I didn't get in til 11:30p and wasn't coherent enough to post. I'm off now to pack and get things ready for my trip. I'll be sure to take pics when I return on Sun and post pronto. From what I can see, I've been spoiled royally. Thx again.

Package to Dawn

Well this is the first chance I have had to let Dawn know her package is on the way. Probably there by now. It went out Friday. Hope you like it Dawn.


Judy's package is in the post!

Edited: 14th June 2007. Judy has emailed me to say the package arrived. I'm sooo relieved! Now, I can relax! :) :) :)

I've been in touch with Judy throughout the exchange and have informed her that her package went in the post yesterday. Ok it's a few days late but better late than never. Besides, I think it will be worth it!

Thank you, Monique

Here are a couple of photos of my lovely package from Monique which arrived safely this morning. There is some beautiful cotton/linen yarn in tones of pinks and purples, a few bobbins, some lovely fabrics, the stitch markers in their own lovely handmade (I'm guessing) pouch, and a baaa-eautiful little sheep card!

And here's a close up of the stitch markers. Aren't the pearlescent beads nice mixed with the metal beads?! Not bad for a first timer, eh Monique!

I'm really pleased with the swap and think it was a perfect match.

Thanks again Monique. I really appreciate your generosity. And a quick thank you to Debb for organising the swap. Have a nice summer folks and see you all in September. x Bernie x

Monday, June 4, 2007

Thank you, Summersgirl

I received my package from Summersgirl on Thursday, which was great because it had been an ugly day at work and it certainly cheered me up. I was going to take photos, but somehow the time escaped from me so here I am, sans photos.
Summersgirl sent me two lovely yellow skeins of Sensations Bellezza Collection "Camelia". It looks as if it will become a shrug for me. I love the soft colors dotted through out the yarn. She also sent me 4 lovely blue stitch holders. Even if I did have a photo of them, it wouldn't do them justice. She made them like clip on earrings, which should work well for crocheting. And I'd probably wear them as earrings except I would be afraid to lose them.
The cool little surprise she sent is _neat_. Let me give you a little background - apparently some of the people I work with have boats (leisure boats? It's for sailing, not for fishing) and they have pictures of their boats. I have joked about bringing in a picture of "my yacht" (I don't own a boat). SUmmersgirl sent me a counted cross-stitch mini kit - of a yacht! Now when I complete it, I can hang it at work and point proudly to the picture of my yacht;)
Thank you Summersgirl, you made my first swap so much fun!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Thank you Shanda!

Thank you very much Shanda! They stitch markers are beautiful. And they are my favorite color. The yarn is great to. I am looking for a sock pattern to make with the sock yarn and I know I will find a fun project for the beautiful chenille yarn! They are both sooo pretty! It was a great package!
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Almost Ready!!

Hi Barb,
I know I am behind on mailing your goodies. However, I am waiting on one more thing before I put it in the mail. I should be receiving it today and I will have your package in the mail by Monday. I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!


Oh my gosh...I don't know who was more excited, me or my girls!! I love my goodies! The girls loved the glow sticks! I can't wait to get started on my knitting and crochetting! I love the yarn you sent me, especially the colors! The beaded stitch markers a beautiful! I felt like it was my Birthday! Thanks again and I hope you enjoy your summer!

Ps: I can't stop eating the dark chocolate raspberry Hershey kisses! :0)

Almost Mailed, Nikki

I've already emailed Nikki but wanted to post that I KNOW it's past time to mail my stitch markers ... I'm waiting for ONE MORE THING and then this package will be on its way to England. I think it will be worth the wait, though!


Friday, June 1, 2007

Oh Happy Me :) lol

Oh me oh my..Laurie, Laurie, Laurie...you out did yourself girl...I Thank you so much for the wonderful spoiling!! Thank you, Thank you , Thank you!!!

Oh how glad I am that I brought my package in the house to cool off..lol Let me tell you I bowled the first game great, but the last two like crap just because I couldn't wait to get home and open my surprise!! And what a surprise........

LOOK at all my goodies...... Oh how I can't to dig into those taffies... how did you know that I was low on my shower gel stuff :) Girl you must've been in my head on that one...lol I love the smell of the candle in the tin, smells so good I could eat it, but I won't..lol

I love the yarn, new to me..lol and pretty purple though the flash makes it look blue...lol, She sent me 2 new hooks, 1 is an Addi's and the other is Bamboo.. I'm getting really spoiled here and I can't wait to try them......and the Stitch Markers are beautiful!!!! You did a fantastic job on them :) Absolutely goregous!! Did you make the bag for them too? And the card, Thank you, Thank you very much Laurie, I know its not a birthday card like you said, but it was definitely a birthday package that you put together for me and I really appreciate that. (as you didn't have to do that), but I love everything and again, Thank you so much! You definately Rock!!

Bits of News for the Swappers

Hi Gals...June will be our last swap till September. We will be taking a break by vote of the group. I will be emailing everyone in later August with the details of the September swap. I hope that everyone has enjoyed swapping here as much as I have and I hope to see everyone back in the fall.

Now as for June, the Tote Kit Exchange starts soon so time to go shopping and be sure to check and see if your name is on the list, or if you want it taken off be sure to email me. Keep posting those pictures and unless I get more votes on the Magic Yarn Ball from everyone I will just use the votes I got and award the prize accordingly. So be sure and send in your votes for each months posted photos of the best package and that person will get an extra prize. We have 3 prizes to be awarded; April, May, and June's packages.

Woo-Hoo and Boo-Hoo

Laurie...just wanted to let you know that my swap package arrived...Woo-hoo...Yippeeeeeeeee,
but Boo-Hoo I have to bowl...don't have time to do pic's but will when I'm home....
Thank you so much and I hope theirs no chocolate in there, but the package is in the A/C in the house...lol
Early Thank you and will get back later!!!

Thank you Robin!! U ROK!

I received my May Stitch Marker Swap today!! Thank you so much Robin! I love it all! The stitch markers and glowing sheep are adorable! That yarn is YUMMY! I was just looking at some of it last week and decided to wait and buy some! I think it will make great socks! And last but not least, the cow card is AWESOME! Thank you for being a great swap partner! I love what you sent!