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Monday, April 30, 2007

My Magic Yarn Ball has Arrived !!!

Was shocked when we got home from work and the mail person was just finishing putting all the mail in the box..I was estatic as I reached in our box and found a key for the bigger box's..I knew my Magic Yarn Ball must be here :)

Oh to my surprise when opening my box from Leslie J..

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!!

For everything!!!

The pic on the left is everything I took out of the box.. still wrapped....
Then I started unwrapping very carefully as there were some noises...lol
Oh how spoiled my partner spoiled me and how excited I was. I was like a kid at Christmas..
There are Bamboo circular needles plus a package of straight needles...can't wait to try them as leslie sent me a pattern too. I will try knitting again :) Hope I can figure all that out...lol

Then I got the Yarn Harlot book (can't wait to read), couple of magnets (1 being from Leslies recent trip to CA :) )Theres a retractable tape measure, and a photo key chain and a pencil.

I love the Swankie Hankies...lol Those are so cute, and now I wonder where you get stuff like that? :) I must really live out here in the dark ages...lol This pic on the right shows everything after opening in case I missed something......I can't wait to try the plain raspbery shower gel...Thats my favorite store...lol after craft stores of course :) I was due for a new "M" post it notes, thank you! And I love the little charm on the bottom of the stitch marker...
as I unwrapped the BEAUTIFUL "Purple" Lambs Pride
I had my favorite candies falling out..M & M's and a tin of mints, plus little slices and martini drink ice cubes I believe...at first I thought they were bubbles...lol This was definitely a much needed surprise as it has been a totally off the wall weird day for me and a bit bummed out. Sure had fun with it and loved the spoiling I got. Thank you again Leslie..you definitely went all out spoiling me and I love it!!
Hope we get to do this swap again.


i received a package from .. RATZ!! forget who
will have to get out of the chair to see who it's from
it came via Royal Mail .. which my 25 years at the Post Office
tells me From ENGLAND!!!!
oh yeah
thank you so much
forgive the blurry pic
it's been one of THOSE days inside the package
i found a ball of DROPS sock yarn
and 2 easter wrapped items
the pic is worse than the one above
here is what was unwrapped
i pulled the little blue thing OUT of the yarn
it says egghunt
the little yellow thing on the right
is a chick button
i resisted the temptation to unwind the ball
do i make gloves or sox out of the yarn
too soon to tell
thank you Nicola
oh yeah
i had to TRY the ORGANIC white chocolate
it's yummy
need dinner
gonna hang with knitter friends

Yarn Ball Arrived from Laurie C

Thank you Laurie C for this beautifully wrapped Magic Yarn Ball which arrived on Saturday.

Of course I couldn't wait to see what was in it so I unravelled it! Here are the contents. The Yarn is Trekking XXL which is going to make a great pair of socks! Thanks again Laurie!!

Nicola (across the pond in sunny England)

Sunday, April 29, 2007

On Its Way, Connie

Hi Connie,

Just to let you know that your ball is on its way to you Monday. Sorry it's last minute -- this month went FAST!!


Friday, April 27, 2007

Thank you so much Dawn for a fun "Magic Yarn Ball" I had to unwind it to see what I got. It was so big and the yarn was a wonderful mohair. I just loved all the goodies, pen, keychain, note pads, stickers, candy, yum yum, beads, tea, hmmmm, cut elip gloss, fancy buttons, bath cream, and a Christmas embroidery. WOW! What a great surprise package here is the before and after pictures .....Thanks again Dawn....keep on stitching.....Crochetoholic Debb


Mary - I have finally mailed your package!! I had a lot of trouble finding the last item for you yarn ball, but I purchased it this morning and mailed the package this afternoon. Hopefully you'll have it by Tuesday. Have fun!!

Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Its easy and fun! Ladies send in one of your stitching stories, funny,inspirational, drama, any type to the StoryTime Contest and you could be the next winner of an original PBD Allie-Cat purse!

Barb's "Wish List"

  • My favorite colors are : Red, orange and yellow
  • My hobbies... anything crafty but drawing or painting...can't draw or paint.
  • My kitchen theme and colors.. deep green and burgundy and white-ish
  • My bathroom theme and colors... deep green and burgundy and white-ish
  • My dislikes.... rug hooking
  • My crafts..what I like....
    I currently am doing the folowing: knitting; crochet; jewelry making; leather tooling/ leather working; beading purses etc; quilting; macrame; scrapbooking; paper piecing (for scrapbooking);There is probably more...I just am not thinking of them right now.
  • My allergies... dust, ragweed
  • My favorite pets... cats and dogs
  • My favorite scents... anything but love cappiccino/coffee, chocolate,
  • Other stuff about me...I love bubble baths, cappicino and coffee, swapping, laying in a hammock and listening to nature. I live in a 2 room cabin in the woods. Hubby and I were going to retire but it didn't work out. We sold everything and loaded up what we thought we wanted to keep and moved from a huge house to this 800 square foot house that hubby built. It's a beautiful home but a big change from what we were used to! We love it here but miss the family and friends.

Welcome to our new swapping friend Barb!

Book and Bookmarker Swap

So as not to confuse anyone. I also host a Book swap that is on another blog and if you click on that link it will take you there. A lot of people both love to crochet and knit and read so I host both types of swaps. If you haev any further questions just email me or post your questions.

Bokk & BookMarker Swap

i see we are having a Book & Book Marker swap
i tried to figure the timeline out
anyone know

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Magic Yarn Ball ~ revealed

As promised, here is the link to what's inside my yarn ball. Isn't it fabulous?! Thanks again, Sandy!

Have an awesome day!

Hey Cathy - Your Magic Yarn Ball Is On Its Way!!

Posted today - one large, strangely shaped ball of yarn and goodies for Cathy. If there was a prize for the strangest shaped ball then I'm sure this would win - have got a picture but don't want to spoil Cathy's surprise.

Enjoy it Cathy

Best Wishes

Monday, April 23, 2007

Monique's wish list

My favorite colors are blue, pink, purple and green.
My hobbies are crochet,knitting, quilting, sewing, penpalling, gardening, going to fleamarkets and thriftshops looking for old, vintage things to decorate my house and garden with, and lots more........
My kitchen theme and colors, my kitchen is soft yellow and I have decorated it with old, vintage kitchen items.
My bathroom theme and colors, my bathroom is white and decorated with old enamel ware.
My dislikes are mean and rude people.
My crafts are crochet, knitting, quilting and sewing.
My allergies, none.
My favorite pets are dogs and cats. We have 3 English Springer Spaniels and 1 cat.And I also love chickens, we have 2.
My favorite scents are herbal scents such as lavender, rosemary, citron verbena and cinnamon...
Other stuff about me, I'm 41, married for 18 years and have 3 teens. A daughter of 17, a daughter of 15 and a son of 13. We live in a small town in the Netherlands in a rowhouse with a nice garden.
I work parttime at a bakery for 15 hours a week.



Posted by Picasa

Thank you Mary!!!

Mary was my partner for the Magic Yarn Ball Swap & these were my goodies! She totally spoiled me! 2 skeins of my favorite dishcloth yarn (in my favorite colorway!), a Stephanie MacPhee book, knitting goodies, beads (for the stitch marker swap perhaps?!) & even sent a chewy treat for my dog & bubbles for my 3 yr old!
Thank you so much Mary! I love it all!!!!

Welcome to new swapper Monique!
I just found this great blog while searching for swaps.
My name is Monique, I'm from the Netherlands.
I'm 41 years old, married and have 3 teens. I just love all kinds of things such as knitting, crochet, quilting, sewing, penpalling, gardening, swapping and lots more. I have participated in a number of swaps all ready and I just love doing it.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Just to let everyone know! If you do not see a post then look under the "Archives" section to the right towards the bottom and click on the one you want to see, or click on "old posts" at the bottom of the page to go back pages. There are a lot of posts so you may need to search for your partners "Wish List". Also if you post your "Wish List" on your own blog be sure to let your partner know to check there and all swappers have their own blog sites linked to their names on the swapping lists.

Welcome new swappers Shanda and Gina!

Welcome new swapping member Judy!

Package received from JoAnn

Here is the package I received from JoAnn. It is full of great things!! Lots of candy and treats (my boys took the bubblegum)

And here is how much I was able to knit last night, I just couldn't wait to start unwinding the ball to get to the rest of the goodies!! JoAnn sent me a purse pattern (go figure) and it has cables (which is what I wanted to learn how to do this year) The cables are quite easy, unless I'm doing it wrong!! Thank you again JoAnn!!

Saturday, April 21, 2007


Your yarn ball is officially on it's way to you!! Can't wait for you to find all the goodies!!


Update for Mary (vegasangelbrat)

Hi. I am back from my travels and I have started on your ball! I am hoping to send it out this week! Thanks for understanding.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Welcome to our newest swapper Robin!

Hello my name is Gina...I am a mother of two girls. I love to crochet, cross stitch, read and scrapbook. I am a girl scout leader and love to host swaps with my girls. So, I thought, how much fun to be a part of a grown up swap!
Gina's Wish List:
1. My favorite colors - red, green and hot pink (fusha), teal
2. My hobbies... crochetting, cross stitching, reading, scrapbooking
3. My kitchen theme and colors.. Walt Disney (red, gold, black, white)
4. My bathroom theme and colors...Beige and browns (romantic feel)
5. My dislikes....rude people, seafood
6. My crafts..what I like....afgans, scarves
7. My allergies...none
8.My favorite pets...my beechon and horses
9. My favorite scents...ginger peach (Pier one Imports), Ginger Pumpkin (Partylite candles), apple
10. Other stuff about me...I love my family! I have two daughters ages 10 and 8. I wonderful husband. I am very close to my sister and mother. I love Christian worship music and books. I am addicted to caffeine, particularly espresso coffee and diet coke/pepsi!!I look forward to hearing from you soon and getting started with the swapping!!

Good Afternoon Magic Yarn Ball Swappers..Mary is right I could have used another skein too. And it will not be a ball, as I am sure we are all finding out. It will kind of look strange???? But that is the fun of it... The next time we have this swap we maybe need to change it and use 2 skeins...
In case you haven't noticed the blue box at the right is our countdown for the Magic Yarn Ball Swap. It shows how many days are left to mail out your package.
I wanted to let everyone know that unfortunately Sandy will not be in our swaps for a few months. She is recouping from a surgery, but she assures me she will be back as soon as she can. We will miss her and look forward to her return!
Also let's everyone welcome our newest member Gina!

Yarn Ball Mail Flash

Just a quick note to let LaurieC know that her mailbox next week will soon be crowded :)
I had a blast making this "so called ball", but will say that it is NOT round by no means..lol
Lots of goodies around it and in it, definitely could've used more than one skein..lol
Oh and you'll have to unwrap to get to the last goodie :)
So be on the look-out...

Mary B in NV

~ Coming to a Mailbox Near U ~

Hello everyone,

Just sending a note to "Debb" that your yarn ball is on its way to you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did in putting it together. Such fun and would love to do it again. :D

Have a great day!

My ball is done!

It's packed up & ready to go across the pond to Nicola! I just need to fill out the small customs form (I only have the larger ones for DH's packages) so it's off to the PO later today. The wee one & I are going to Disney on Ice this morning with a friend & her 2 wee ones. Mine is dressing as Snow White! Should be a blast!

Nicola---I hope you enjoy your yarn & goodies----it was fun putting everything together!!


Thursday, April 19, 2007

Almost ready!!

I have my goodies all picked out to wrap into Sherry T.'s yarn ball. It will get wound tomorrow, since I am on the late shift at work. And be on the way to Sherry same day. Be on the lookout in a few days.

Another on It's Way

Ohhh... I just finished my Easter Magic Yarn Ball and it will be in the mail tomorrow hopping it's tail all the way to Mary. A's house. So be on the "Bunny nose twitching" lookout for it! Crochetoholic Debb



Tuesday, April 17, 2007

~ Thank you Sandy ~

Hello everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know I got my "Magic Yarn Ball" from Sandy. It arrived yesterday and I managed to take a few pics. Here is one of them and there are more here.

I have more but don't know if I'll upload them all. I'll send a pic or link of the goodies that where inside. I love my yarn ball and am busy finishing off mine. ;D

Have a great evening.

I'm Posting This Again for Everyone:
Magic Easter Yarn Ball Swap

It’s really very simple, all you have to do is wrap some little treasures up in a ball of yarn, and send it off to your partner.

You start with a skein of yarn, this time it will be Easter themed [any shade] and you get little treasures anything you can find in either your own stash or at the store. [party supply stores are a good place and $1 stores too]

And you start wrapping the yarn around your treasures adding more as you go until the yarn is now in a "somewhat" ball shape.

You can tie a ribbon or anything else around it and then your done.

Its fun and simple!

When your swap partner gets it and crochets or knits with the yarn she will be surprised with every stitch as she discovers new treasures that appear "magically" before her eyes.

What fun!!!...

The theme for this swap is "Easter" so anything Easter, or anything you like. It does not have to be Easter themed it is just a theme to give you some ideas.

Next you might want to look at your partner's "wish list" to see what they like and their favorite colors. Always consider allergies of pets and smoke when making your packages.

You might want to email your partner ahead and get to know her.

This is a themed swap, so if you want to include something else for your partner that is fine too, some Easter candy, bunnies, anything you might want to include in their package, but it is not necessary to do so.
Choose something that is nice to feel or something you might want to receive like, wool, cotton, silk or a combination of any. [Yarn store quality]
Please use the whole skein of yarn when wrapping your treasures and include the Brand name band, so your partner knows what they have gotten and can buy another if they want to make something that requires more yarn. [you can include a pattern if you want too, but be respectful of all copyright rules]
The total value should be approximately $10-$15 or equivalent excluding the cost of the yarn.

Sign up by April 10th, and partners will be assigned after April 12th
Email Crochetoholic Debb at: calcrochetnut@msn.com your address and email and blog or URL. [be sure to list the Magic Yarn Ball swap in your subject line]
You will get an email inviting you to join the google blog so you can post on the blog. Follow the directions and join up
Be sure to list your wish list on the blog. [the questions are on the blog]
You will be emailed your partner's name and address. [your partner may not be the smae person who sends a package to you]
Get your yarn and for treasures you can use pencils, pens, bunnies,key chains,note pads,fancy pins,hooks,candy[wrapped],bookmarks,notions,markers, buttons, anything like you might want to receive.

Mail out your packages by the end of April and post that you mailed it on the blog

Be sure to post your picture of your received "Yarn Ball" on the blog with your Thank-yous!
Then after the swap is over the group will vote on the best Magic Easter Yarn Ball and that member will win an extra little special prize. [so be sure to post a photo of your received package and the person who sent it to you] The one with the most votes will win a grab bag prize value of $10[It could include yarn, notions, girly stuff, not sure yet, but you will be pleasently surprised with it.]

The important thing be sure your packages get out in time so that your partner does not feel forgotten. This is for fun and everyone likes surprises, so be creative.

To join, please email [calcrochetnut@msn.com] your name,URL or blog, and mailing address, and you will receive an invite from "Google Blog" so that you will be able to post on this blog.

Have fun and Join the Fun Now!

Magic Ball Guidelines?

Are there guidlines somewhere for the magic ball swap?

Monday, April 16, 2007

Welcome to our new member Priscilla!!!!


Hi, My name is Priscilla aka Summersgirl. I crochet and knit and have multiple projects going at one time. I lead a ornament swap group for Crochet Partners, but the participation dwindled and I seemed to be the only one sending thing out. I resigned out of frustration. This group with Debb, I am sure is thriving. I am looking forward to participating.
Hi Patt...welcome and ohhhh yes that is adorable.....

Sunday, April 15, 2007


Hey Gurls,
My name is Patt!! wouldn't this picture make the cutest stitchmarker??
Hugs Patt

Welcome to our newest Swapper Patt!!!!
Maria click on the directions for the swap at the right.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hey Debb!

Sorry it took so long to check this out. How does the beaded stitch marker/yarn swap work??


Hello Group, by now everyone should have their partners. This is an open swap so you can email your partners. Make friends and ask questions. Be sure to check out the May swap. It will be another fun one. Directions on how to make the stitch markers will be posted. Their easy and so much fun...Have a great weekend!!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Got my partner!

Thanks Debb----got my partner assignment today. Am plotting, I mean planning! her goodies & yarn choice.

Question----is this a secret swap where our identities will be revealed when our swap pals get their goodies or is it okay to "out" ourselves now?


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Hello everyone..I am assigning your partners, remember to:
  • post your "Wish Lists" here or on your blogs,
  • Email your partner to let them know who you are,
  • get your yarn balls out before the end of the month,
  • be sure to post here when you send out your package,
  • if you don't see your partner's "Wish List" check the older posts at the bottom of this page,
  • see the Magic Yarn Ball rules,
  • and post your "RAVES" here when you receive your package with a photo,
  • and have fun making your yarn balls!
  • If anyone has any questions just email me! Swap on!!!

~ Intro ~

Hello everyone,
I'm very glad to be here and look forward to getting to know you all. Please feel free to stop by my blog anytime or email me ~ I'd love to hear from you.

Here is my Wish List:

My favorite colors ~ Reds
My hobbies... ~
reading, writing/blogging, visiting lighthouses, crafts and attending concerts
My kitchen theme and colors.. ~ white, royal blue and black
My bathroom theme and colors... ~ white, blues, greens and burgundy
My dislikes.... ~ not many of these, will have to think about it
My crafts..what I like.... ~ most crafts esp. crocheting, knitting, sewing and cross-stitch
My allergies... ~ hazelnut and some cats
My favorite pets... ~ my "poochie" dog
My favorite scents... ~ vanilla, amber, fresh scents
Other stuff about me... ~ love to read, blog, hangout w/my children, attend concerts, volunteering and enjoying coffee and food w/friends. I am mostly a SAHM who homeschools 2 of 3 children ~ oldest graduated last year and is almost 19yo. I work part-time as a sub and helping dh start a business. I've been married for 15yrs and I will be 40 this year ~ Woohoo!

New Member Judith

Hi Everyone,

Some may know me from the tote bag swap or one of my groups. I knit, crochet,and write a few patterns for both.

My favorite colors are almost any. My favorites yarns are

1.From this shop.

Opal Sock Yarn............after that there is not many I don't like. I use Caron soft yarns alot....

I am a love bags of all kinds and anything "bunny." I look forward to this swap.
Welome new member Dawn!
Hi my name is Dawn and I have lots of hobbies to include knitting and crocheting. I've crocheted for over 30 yrs and love it. I also cross-stitch, needlepoint, make wreaths and just about anything with my hands. I'll try it most things once. I enjoy making things for babies especially and am enjoying my new found interest in knitting. Crafts are second to my love of reading. I'd love to make new friends and this would be my second swap. Thx Dawn ;) [gentleartoflearning]

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Mary A's wish list

  • My favorite colors...blues, lavenders, pinks
  • My hobbies...knitting and spinning (is there anything else)
  • My kitchen theme and colors..blue and white
  • My bathroom theme and colors...blue and white
  • My dislikes....drab colors. I like pastels, but not dark browns etc.
  • My crafts.. what I like....spinning, knitting, mostly socks and shawls
  • My allergies...none
  • My favorite pets...My 5 furkids (doggies)
  • My favorite scents...most all
  • Other stuff about me...I am excited to be doing this swap. It's something different for me.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Ready to start!!!

Am very excited about this swap - sounds like a real hoot!

My favorite colors are purple, blue, green, red, brown. Like most colors except yellow and orange. Prrefer jewel tones or beach /seaside combos.

My hobbies...Knitting, crocheting, reading, quilting, walking on beach looking for "Stuff"

My kitchen theme and colors..blue/lighthouses

My bathroom theme and colors...one beige/lt blue with seashells the other navy/wine with lighthouses

My dislikes...dishonesty.

My crafts.. what I like....Soft yarns. Make mostly smaller projects. Am knitting an afghan for my daughter at the present time. Love knitting - especially for my grandchildren. I als have made 1 pair of socks and can't wait to try another. Love to knit totes, baby blankets and little girly ponchos. I also make fleece blankets and fleece ribbon squares for all the babies in the family. I love giving handmade things as gifts.

My allergies...pollen and ? my cats

My favorite pets...?my cats

My favorite scents...Love fresh flower smell- any type and the love the smell of the sea air at the beach and Cinnabar by Estee Lauder

Other stuff about me...Divorced mother of 4 grown childen ages 36-25 with 5 grandchildren ages 5 years-7 mo. Went back to school after my divorce at the age of 41 to be a nurse. Have a boyfriend ( not sure of the PC term)- we have been together for many years, love to spend time with my family and love to spend time on the beach. Read when I can but at the present time spend my peaceful time knitting.
This swap sounds like a lot of fun! Can't wait to get started.

Welcome to new members of our swap group Joann and Judith!!!

Laurie's Wishlist

Hi all!

I'm Laurie & am excited for this swap! It sounds like a blast! Here's my wishlist!

My favorite colors : red, purple, green, blue

My hobbies... knitting, baking, cooking, stamping & beading

My kitchen theme and colors.. french country--colors are blue & yellow.

My bathroom theme and colors... Leaves! Bathroom is green!

My dislikes.... There's not a lot that I dont like. Im not a big orange person.

My crafts.. what I like.... I love Addi's & Crystal Palace needles. Right now I'm very into Plymouth Fantasy Naturale yarn! I love knitting "gadgets" & accessories!

My allergies... Cats!! Normal seasonal allergy stuff---pollen (it's been horrible here lately!), grass.

My favorite pets... my 4 yr old petite miniature schnauzer Libby!

My favorite scents... lilacs, roses, anything citrus (esp. lemon), lavender.

Other stuff about me...I'm a SAHM & a Proud Army wife. I was a makeup artist for 14 yrs before having my daughter & have my degree in Secondary Ed. with a double teaching major of history & english. I LOVE historical fiction esp anything having to do with the Elizabethan period, British royalty in general & the Romanov Dynasty.

Monday, April 9, 2007

Hello Ladies...due to the popularity of this swap I have extended the sign ups till tomorrow.[April 10th] Then by the 12th I will be emailing you your partners. If you have not already sent me your address, please do so now. And if you know of anyone that might like to join us, be sure to let them know so they can sign up...Crochetoholic Debb

A few things about me

My favorite colors
Muted shades of Pink, Yellow, Purple, and Plue
My hobbies...
Knitting, scrapbooking anything crafting and Reading of course
My kitchen theme and colors..
Organgey, no theme just yet, we're moving to a new house
My bathroom theme and colors...
My dislikes....
Mean people who purposely try to break your spirit
My crafts.. what I like....
My allergies...
Wool, but I love to knit with it, so I take a benadryl and keep going
My favorite pets...
My favorite scents...
Other stuff about me...
I'm married with a son in college. I love all things crafty. I love to read all kind of books, lately I've been reading lots of mysteries. I love authors Greg Isles, Mary Higgins Clark, Sue Grafton and the likes. I also collect cookbooks.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Here's a big hug to all our new swappers for the April swap WELCOME!!!!!

Hello Swappers.... ok I see there may be a little confusion. If you posted the "Wish List" questionnaire to your blogs or other URLs that is fine you do not have to repost it to this blog. If you do not see your partner's "Questions" here or on any older post [going to the bottom of the page and clicking on "older posts" will get you to them] then click on your partner's name under the swap month and it whould take you to their blog or URL where you will see their questions. If for some reason it does not work please let me know, or if you have a blog and didn't give it to me then let me know that, too! Everyone have a Happy Easter!!! Crochetoholic Debb

New here

Hi everyone, Whew..made it on time. I'm new and I do reconzie a few names on previous posts :) My name is Mary B (as I see there is another Mary and we confused the blog momma, sorry about that). I can't wait as this looks like its gonna be such great fun trying to wrap goodies in yarn :) I posted my questionaire on my blog, do I do it here too?
Thanks Mary B in NV

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Package rec'd from Marylyn

Look at the goodies I received from Marylyn! Locally produced sock yarn and alpaca yarn, the cutest little felted bowl that she made and a cell phone charm!!! Now, can I take the charms off and use them as stitch markers? :)
This came all the way from England and I love it!! Thank you so much!