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Friday, April 4, 2008

Swappers Alert

Please comment here if you:

  • *have not sent out your package and why???
  • *when your package will be mailed
  • *Have not received a package
  • *if your partner who you sent to has not emailed you back
  • *if your partner has not posted a picture or thank you for the package you sent here, or on their blog, or not emailed you a thank you
    * if you have not read the rules or do not understand them????

Anyone who does not post a thank you, or photo on the blog, or their own blog, or send it to Crochetoholic to post, will not be in future swaps...


Robin Boles said...

I just heard from Priscilla that she finally received her package from me. She was out of town. I was getting worried! Nicole H. was supposed to send me a package, but haven't received one yet. I got her initial email & I had replied back to her @ that time. But haven't heard anything since. Hugs Robin

Penny said...

I have not received my Feb package from Charity yet. I am wondering if it had any tracking on it so if Charity did send it she can find out where it might be or wwhat happened to it. I was waiting for two other packages to arrive but one of them came yesterday so now I am only missing two swap packages. The one I received was the last one sent March 17.

Laura said...

I heard from Priscilla a few days ago that she just got my March swap package in the mail. She thought her son had sent it out, but he hadn't. I'm just now waiting for it to come, and will post a thank you and photo when it arrives.

Laura O.

Blaze LaFlame said...

I am resending my March swap out today to Kay Knisley because somehow it got lost. I did post a thank you but I do need to post a photo.
Robin A

cathych said...

I sent a package to Charity but she did not thank me for it. I mailed it the 20th. I also have not recieved anything this month. Maybe I will, who knows?

jopal said...

I have not received a package for March but Debb said an angel would step in.
Robin A posted a thank you on Debb's blog for the package I sent her.
Debb for others sake I think it would be a good idea for future swaps if swappers were required to pay the extra few cents (less than $1) for delivery confirmation. You and the swapper waiting to receive package should be sent this number when package is mailed. It seems like the same people have their packages lost on the way to their partners.

beth said...

i depend on my son to mail pkges for me due to my working 2 jobs right now.
sarah a's went out this morning with out no confirmation number.
i have not recieved a march swap yet.

jo said...

i havent heard from cathych opon reciving my package yet? it said it was delivered on march 18th 2008?

cathych said...

I haven't gotten anything!