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Friday, February 29, 2008

Woohoo, Joann!!!

I received my February swap package from Joann P. today, and oh, I just can't thank her enough! The whole package was truly so thoughtfully and wonderfully put together!
I love, love, love everything! This is what Joann sent:
5 skeins of Lily Sugar N' Cream yarn in beautiful pink shades (did I mention that pink is my absolute favorite color?!).
A pair of pink knitting needles and two crochet hooks.
A beautiful hand knitted dishcloth.
Two packets of pink (!) hot chocolate, (which I so need to buy more of to send to my best friend in Texas, who is also crazy about pink, and whose birthday is coming up next month).
A bag of dark chocolate raspberry Hershey's Kisses, which is great, because besides loving dark chocolate, I also happen to love raspberry with chocolate (how did Joann know?!).
A great crochet book, "Hooked on Crochet" and two crochet pattern books, including one with pansy kitchen items to crochet, which is fantastic, because pansies are my all-time favorite flower!
Two patterns for cute heart crochet "fridgie" magnets.
A bag of light-up mini rubber ducks (to match my rubber duck themed bathroom!) that my kids have already claimed, and an adorable rubber duck soap.
A pack of notecards with my name printed on them!
Whew, I think that's everything! I had a bad week, and this package came at just the right time to cheer me up! Thank you SO much Joann!


jopal said...

Glad you and the kids enjoyed the goodies! I enjoyed putting your package together. It is lots of fun checking out questionnaires and blogs to find ideas and yours was a big help! Check out the WEE CAN SHOP website for the pink hot chocolate!

crochetoholic said...

Great package I love the pink knitting needles.. :)

Knotty Purl said...

Ok yes great package.. but Laura I noticed something else.
The 50's formica set in your kitchen that ran away from home from me...
:) Its saying it needs to come home now.

Laura said...

Hey, hands off the 50's table set, LOL! Just kidding! I'm glad you like the table! I have 50's look soda shop drawings, and reprinted photos of old diners in Cleveland from the 50's hanging on my kitchen wall, but you can't see them in the picture. My husband and I had a terrible time finding one, until a friend of mine was driving past a store here in the Cleveland area, S&S Dinette Center, and saw this set in the window. I was thrilled! The sets are customizable - dozens of chair colors, styles, table top colors, table shapes, etc. In retrospect, I probably should have gotten solid colored chairs, because my kids have spilled so much stuff on the white striped part, but oh well.