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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Beaded Stitch Marker Partners

Hello Everyone...I am not sure what happened to these last assigned partners, but there are a lot of you who are saying you did not get your emails??? I think there may be a possiblity that the email may have been blocked, or gone into your junk folder??? I never had it bounce back, so I know it got there. Shanda I am sorry about that..I have decided since this is not a secret swap that I would just post the partners here so everyone can see who they have and then there is no confusion. I hope that this will be easier for everyone. Please let me know if there is still a problem. And also I really need to hear back from Judy. Thank you

  1. Debb-Patt

  2. Patt-Priscilla

  3. Priscilla-Robin

  4. Robin-Shanda

  5. Shanda-Joann

  6. Joann-Gina

  7. Gina-Barb

  8. Barb-Judy

  9. Judy-Connie

  10. Connie-Monique

  11. Monique-Bernie

  12. Bernie-Judy

  13. Laurie-Mary B

  14. Mary B-Shawnee

  15. Shawnee-Nicola

  16. Nicola-Lesley

  17. Lesley-Laurie

  18. Judith-Cathy

  19. Cathy-Debb

  20. Mary A-Dawn

  21. Dawn-Sherry T

  22. Sherry T-Mary A
I hope that ends all the confusion and helps those that for some reason did not get the original emails sent onthe 14th. Please do email me if there is a problem and your partner to let them know that you are aware they are your partner. Thank you and Happy Swapping!!!


Cre8vleigh said...

Thank you Debb! I contacted Joann via e-mail!!

Judy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Judy said...

I see that I am sending stitch markers to Connie but where is her blog and address?
Also, you have me listed for Beach tote swap but I did not sign up for that one.

Crochetoholic Debb said...

Judy since all my emails do not seem to be getting through to you????? I have sent 4 with Connie's address, I am at a lost as to how to contact you otherwise. I cannot post her address here so I have asked her to email you to see if that helps. You may have me blocked from getting through. Please check your junk mail filter. Please email connie directly...She has no blog here is her work email. cwilson at nib dot org

Judy said...

Deb - Please send email to smiledr710 at sbcglobal dot net
I'm not sure which email you're using but I haven't been getting the messages. Thank you for your persistance!

Judy said...

P.S. I sent connie an email.
Thanks again.

Crochetoholic Debb said...

oh great Judy...I am glad you are getting in contact with her..I do know she is away for the weekend so you may not hear back from her till Tues. And as for the email??? I am sending it to that email...???? so I am not sure where they are going except to junk mail that is the only thing since they are not coming back to me....??? Can you check your junk mail I bet all my emails are there....??

Judy said...

Hi Deb, I don't have a junk mail folder under my sbcglobal email or at least, I don't know how to check...so I don't know what happened...